How to Activate CenturyLink Internet Services

CenturyLink is the telecommunication company. It provides multiple communication services like phone, TV and Moving. But one of the most used service is their internet service. They provide high speed fiber internet network and provide you with a range of speeds to choose from. You can choose the speed you want for your internet connection. There fiber network can provide the internet speed up to one Gig. You can order their services online by visiting the website at, The activation and authorization of their internet services is hassle free and fairly simple. Therefore, get your CenturyLink internet kit and start your experience of the fast and reliable internet surfing.

Multiple Equipment Required

To start your journey with the amazing internet services you would require the followings:

  1. Installation Guide.
  2. CenturyLink Modem and the Ac Power supply (adapter).
  3. DSL filters.
  4. Green telephone cord and yellow Ethernet cable.
  5. Stable, working computer.
  6. Phone jack

Step by Step Guide to Activate CenturyLink Internet Services

Follow the steps given below to be able to use your internet services. You can also see a detailed tutorial video on the activation of their internet services, provided at the CenturyLink’s website at

  1. Connect your modem to power supply. Placement of your modem is very important and might affect its performance. Place your modem someplace where air can circulate around, thus prevent it from heating up. If your modem is wireless then a higher place is preferred for better signals, speed and coverage of the internet.
  2. Power in your Modem. Give it a minute or two to set up and after that you will see the power indicator at the front of the modem will light up, confirming that the modem is connected with the power supply.
  3. Your internet kit contains green telephone and yellow Ethernet cables, next step is to connect these wires and cables.
  4. Firstly, fix one end of the green cable in the green port, present at the back of the modem – labelled either LINE or DSL, and the other end in the phone jack present in the wall.
  5. The phone jack that you use, make sure has no filter has the modem itself has a self-built filter inside. Therefore, to avoid any connection problems use the phone jack with no filter.
  6. Now connect your computer with the internet modem using the yellow Ethernet cables. Even if your modem is wireless, it is recommended that you follow this step for better service.
  7. Double check all the connections and make sure everything is connected and attached securely.
  8. Next step is to authorize your modem so to access the internet services.
  9. Open your computer’s web browser like, internet explorer, Firefox,
  10. When you open the browser, you will see the welcome message from the CenturyLink, confirming that the modem is connected with your computer. There will be a logo of CenturyLink and a message which will read ‘Welcome, let’s get Started’
  11. Click the green button, titled ‘Next’ and follow the self-explanatory instructions given further and you are all set to use the CenturyLink internet services.

Note: start the activation procedure until after 8 pm on you planned service day to avoid getting into any sort of problems

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