Justin Bieber has crush on Instagram girl Cindy Kimberly: Internet helped him find her

Justin Bieber is no longer in a relationship with Selena Gomez. Fans of the couple believed it, but the two stars do not appear together. Bieber has taken to heart, but it seems that now his heart beats for the girl discovered on Instagram. And yes, the young Canadian singer dredge virtually.

Justin Bieber has a crush on the girl. The Canadian singer asked his fans to help him find his beloved Instagram girl. The internet has mobilized, to help Justin discover the identity of the one, on which he flashed.

His application was stated: the girl by the name of Cindy Kimberly responded. The young woman, hit by Justin Bieber’s attention, said she did not know how to handle it.

Cindy Kimberly
Cindy Kimberly @Instagram

British supermodel Laura Carter reveals her love story with Justin Bieber

In an interviewed with British tabloids The Sun, British supermodel Lara Carter revealed a naughty story that she had an affair with the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and not only this.

According to Laura, a week ago, an evening ended very late, for her and Justin Bieber in a London hotel. The British supermodel would actually accost at a nightclub in the British capital before a VIP party in the suite of a London hotel.

“There were four boys and a group of ten girls, everyone was very glamorous,” says the 30-year-old girl and veteran of scantily clad pictures.


Obviously, Laura was chosen as one of the contenders of the singer. Justin Bieber would thus invite the mannequin in his room, but another girl was already in bed “In the dark, we kissed against a wall. I looked around me and saw another girl on the bed, I think she was American”, she says. “They were obviously in the middle of something”.

The girl decided to leave the room while Laura took the body… Justin Bieber, as she herself said. “We made love in an incredible way and in the end, we smoked a cigarette and talked. He asked me things, asked me what I was doing in life. He was a little glance, but did not disappoint,” she concludes.

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