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Marriott cares about their customers and every customer’s concerns are answered in a responsive manner. If you want you reach out to Marriott regarding any query or complaint, you can go to any of your nearest Marriott hotel or the hotel you have stayed in and talk to their customer representative or the manager.

Marriott also have a phone that customers can call on, in case of need. Other than their number they have their website where customers can leave queries, complaints and suggestions.

Marriott have trained staff that knows that they have to deal with the customers with utmost care.


Frequently asked questions

Can anyone take the survey?

No, only the people who has completed their stay at Marriott can take the survey

How do I find a Marriott on a map?

 Marriott are located in numerous countries and at various locations. You have to go to the official website of Marriott and search for your nearest hotel!

I want to leave my review on, how do I do that?

The guest satisfaction survey is only available to the customers who have successfully completed their stay at Marriott and availed its services.

My review wasn’t posted immediately to the website, why is that so?

The guest reviews are checked to see if they match the guidelines of the hotel. If it is according to the set guidelines, the review is posted within 72 hours.

Can a review be done in a foreign language?

No, the review cannot be done in any language except English. English is currently the only language that is being used.

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