My Indigo Card Top 4 Unknown Facts

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The famous Indigo Platinum Mastercard is the safe haven for those unfortunate individuals who haven’t been able to maintain a perfect credit for a long time or their credit according to the site is far from ideal. 

This card is released officially through the Utah-based Celtic Bank and is available in various designs, layouts and themes but do not let extravagance de-track you from the pocket burdening fee that comes along with it. This is definitely a costly way of constructing one’s credit. Even those individuals who have a bad credit can opt for better pathways to build their credit. 

  1. Assist you in constructing credit

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard sends its reports to the main bureaus of credit which are following:

  • TransUnion,
  • Equifax
  • Experian

This is a perfect situation for that card user who is attempting to construct their credit since all of these bureaus assemble detail to figure out the credit score.

These scores are heavily dependent on your payment histories and if you are on time regarding your payments then your ideal credit score is no longer an unachievable dream.

  • The credit may come costly

Now according to the creditworthiness of your card you might be waved off on your yearly fee by Indigo. However if you have bad credit history then you might have to pay a yearly fee of worth $59 or $99. For new cardholders, the fee of $99 drops down to $75 in the very first year.

The more the yearly fee the less fascinating the Indigo Card appears for the user.

  • Pre-qualification for the card without damaging your credit score

Prior to submitting the application for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard you can complete the pre-qualification process to get to know your chances of getting the approval without any impact on your pre-existing credit scores. This will allow you to comprehend where you stand.

However this pre-qualification does not mean at all that you have been granted the approval, it is sort of a half “yes” and if you submit your agreement to the terms and conditions you will have to fill and give the complete application for a review by Indigo.

  • Certain Added Benefits

The exclusive Indigo Platinum Mastercard is providing all the existing Mastercard benefits, which comprises of stretched warranty time period and travel services. Mastercard is pocket friendly especially for those who travel around the world with an affordable transaction fee and in fact some of the cards have no transaction fee at all.  

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