How to access the LabCalls Test Results?  

LabCalls is a convenient online service that provides your lab results using a retrieval algorithm offered by the TeleVox Software, Inc. This system was designed to assist patients in accessing their lab test results which were prescribed to them by their respective doctors. All a user has to do is enter his/her client number and then sign in to the LabCalls Test Results system to open their records present on their file.

The main perks of using the LabCalls Test Results system is the main convenience that this service has to offer which is to provide your lab tests within the comfort of your home and you no longer have to go through the hassle of visiting the lab again and again.

Accessing the doctor can at times be difficult and one always doesn’t have the luxury of time to keep hanging on the phone until someone books an appointment while we cannot compromise the quality of our health however with the access to the LabCalls Test Results service these can be accessed online on a single platform.

Requirements to access the LabCalls Test Results

  • You need a device such as a computer or laptop with an internet connection enabled on it.
  • You should have your lab tests conducted with a registered doctor or any other general practitioner who use the service of TeleVox Software’s LabCalls Test Results.
  • You should know your Customer/Client ID, the Client Login/UID, and your patient PIN.

Step By Step Guide to access the LabCalls Test Results

  1. First tap on the link ahead to open the LabCalls Lab Results Inquiry System
  2. On the page that opens up type in the Customer/Client ID, Client Login/UID and your PIN in its designated fields and then tap on the button which says “Login.”
  3. Now see your test results that the system puts in front of you.

If you are using the service of the LabCalls Test Results for the very first time then you will be asked to download a special software on your computer and to do this you can follow the instructions present on this link

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