Privacy Policy

Last Updated on: 16th August 2019

FileBucket gives utmost respect to visitor privacy and also completely gives value to the importance and sensitivity of the personal information shared with us. This document of Privacy Policy explains in detail the strategies of FileBucketregarding the details assembled from the visitors. In accordance with Defence Law Associates our FileBucket website by using the official FileBucket website collects this information.

This documented FileBucket Privacy Policy is applicable to all the personal data that is assembled about the user. Personally identifying data is a sensitive piece of information or various pieces of information which will let anyone identify you.   

In this Privacy Policy we explain the exact personal information we assemble from the user when they decide to use our services, the ways through which this information is protected, the time period for which this information is retained, the parties with which this information can potentially be shared and the entire option list for your privacy protection. If you make use of any of the presented Services you are providing your willingness to our gathering and use of given personal details as stated in this document of Privacy Policy. Furthermore this Privacy Policy is inculcated by referring to and is added as a section of Terms of Service.

Rest assured that FileBucket will keep on processing and evaluating this Privacy Policy using latest technologies, business laws and requirements of the users and then modifications to the Privacy Policy will be made.

It is imperative that you regularly check this page for updates to Privacy Policy. If any amendments to this Privacy Policy are made then the updated version will be published here along with the date when it’s put in effect and all these changes will be informed to the user through the use of notifications via posting an announcement of the website which would be in form of the updated date on Privacy Policy. If the user continues to use the Services after the updated Privacy Policy has been posted it means they agree to the amendments made henceforth.  

1.     The Principles of Privacy

The FileBucket takes complete responsibility in identifying and protecting the user rights to privacy by explicitly announcing, safeguarding and saving the personal data that is shared with FileBucket. This entire processing is completed in accordance with the (“Data Protection Laws“). Since put in effect from May 25th, 2018, if the user falls under the European Union Data Protection Laws (“EU Users“), the handling of the collected personal data will be in accordance with the Regulations (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“).

2.     Information Collected by FileBucket

This includes the personal data that the user directly shares with FileBucket. FileBucket might ask and assemble the following pieces of personal data from the user given that they choose to register with us or make use of our provided Services:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Functional Email ID
  3. Residential Address
  4. Contact Number
  5. General Hobbies
  6. Account Username
  7. Account Password
  8. Registration Details
  9. Technical Details and Customer Support you choose to share with FileBucket regarding use of FileBucket’s Services
  10. Any transaction related details you make while using our Services, any purchases you make and completion of any orders
  11. Other personal details collected while filling any surveys and questionnaires

You must be apprised of the fact that by choosing to post any comment, message or details on chat groups, comments section or message boards or on social media sites through the Services you are also selecting to share these details with others in public. Hence information shared on these platforms is at your own discretion. 

3.     The Profile Data of the User

FileBucket might also provide you with the option to make your user profile which other users of the same Services might see as well. If you are a user who is registered you can toggle with these settings via your created account. FileBucket can see if you change your settings using the user account, your information will appear as private however FileBucket can still access and see the personal data that you have provide on your profile.

4.     The Public Data of the User

If the user chooses to share any details on the public forums of the Services given then this personal data can potentially be gathered and processed by FileBucket. While use of other features such as providing a review, posting comments etc can potentially be dealt in the same manner. FileBucket strongly urges you to be careful while you share sensitive personal information that might result in strangers locating or identifying you on public or otherwise.

5.     The Data directly collected from the User

Other than the personal data that you choose to share with FileBucket, the usage of Services may provoke FileBucket to assemble and collect additional personal data by default which will comprise of the following:

  • Registration Data of the Device-The make and model of your handheld device, advertising identification number, IP address, type of browser and operating system.
  • Settings of your Device-The language selection or font etc of the device in your use.
  • The Mobile Carrier Service you use
  • Details on how you make use of the Services and how often you use the Service 
  • The Data collected through Location Service on your device which includes the GPS Location Service
  • Personal Data assembled by use of cookies and other Services-This includes your domain ID, IP address, location and other web logs or resources.

6.     How FileBucket uses the Collected Personal Data?

The personal data collected from the users may be used by FileBucket in one or more of the following ways:

  • Recognition and Authentication: FileBucket makes use of your personal details for verification of your real identity and to recognize if the user is eligible to use the Services of FileBucket when the user attempts to access the site. This is done to complete our compliance of committed services to you.
  • Bringing Improvement to FileBucket’s Services: FileBucket scrutinizes the personal information regarding how the offered services are used in order to give a smooth experience to all our users such as testing of services, analytics of website and customizing the content according to the requirements of the users.  
  • Understanding the Requirements of Users: FileBucket also processes the information regarding the users to comprehend the users in terms of their demographics and the kind of Services that they would like to opt for. It is in our best of interests to make use of the personal data to cater to this legitimate purpose.
  • Running the FileBucket’s Services: We analyze this personal data to operate our Services, run a diagnosis on technical issues, give customer help, finish successful transactions and for management of the business. This is done in order to fulfill our contract based responsibilities for you.
  • Communication with the FileBucket’s Users: FileBucket may also use the collected personal data to get in touch with our users for instance to relay communications that you have placed a request for, Service related announcements in compliance with the user requirements etc. Also communications will be held in regard to any modifications in the Terms of Use or when one chooses to contact us or asks for customer help.
  • Marketing Purposes: FileBucket may make use of the assembled personal data to create a user profile and then to categorize the user in specialized segments of marketing in accordance with the user requirements and then to accurately customize the communications for marketing that FileBucket will send to the user. It is the best interest of FileBucket to show the users the most fascinating and legitimate advertisements and to inform them of our marketing strategies. However wherever applicable FileBucket will ask for the user consent before showing any tailor made advertisements.
  • To comply with FileBucket’s Obligations: FileBucket will process the shared personal information to perform fraudulent checks or to cater to the legal requirements which are clearly stated in the law.  
  • To compensate with FileBucket’s Partners: FileBucket will process your collected personal information in order to figure out the amount due to our third party entities and to run an analysis on the services and products offered by our registered partners. It is in our best interests to figure out the exact amounts payable to these partners for smooth operation of their Services through FileBucket.
  • For Mailing the Prizes to the Users: FileBucket can potentially use the collected personal data to give prizes that are won by the users in various lucky draws or sweepstakes and to deliver other benefits in compliance with incentivized programs.

7.     How FileBucket uses the collected personal data?

This section of FileBucket’s Privacy Policy, all the legitimate intents and purposes where the collected personal information will be used is listed in detail below for our users when they decide to use the Services of FileBucket. In connection with the European users, FileBucket adheres to the stringent Data Protection Laws, to outline the legal requirements on which the personal data is processed:

  • Availability of Services, Improvement of Services, Giving Customer Support and Communication with the Users

FileBucket providers of the offered Services on website might make use of the assembled personal data in order to run and make the Services better whether on websites, applications or services and in order to get in touch with the users from time and again, basically to fulfill the legal obligations FileBucket has obliged to.

  • For Marketing and Promotion Purposes

FileBucket and the Service Providers of FileBucket will make use of the collected personal data which is collected via the Services in order to give the customers of the latest policies, deals and promotions which the user has selected to receive from FileBucket. FileBucket may also make use of the personal data for marketing reasons as stated by the law and wherever necessary permission of the user will be asked before collection of data. If the user intends to unregister from any of the Services you must get in touch with FileBucket first to know the exact procedure for unsubscription.

  • For Advertisement Purposes and Third Party Linkage

The Services offered on FileBucket are operated via advertising and FileBucket can potentially work in connection with certain advertisers and networks for advertisement using the offered Services. FileBucket will give these advertisers the consent to assemble data while complying with the usage of the Services through your handheld device. This assembled data may comprise of a special device to cater to a specified targeted advertisement or elsewhere. Moreover, these Services might include links from third party sites. Hence these third party companies and advertisers might make use of pixels, cookies and  web beacons to keep a check on the online history of the user on various platforms online in order to provide the relevant advertisement to the user.

FileBucket does not have authority or control over these third party cookies, web beacons and pixels that these third parties companies and partners may make use of. FileBucket does not hold any responsibility of the privacy policies or the content publication of these third party website hence the user must review the privacy policies of these party websites separately.  

If a user accesses the FileBucket’s Services using a particular web browser, your web browser will let you toggle with your settings so that these third party sites are sent the request for “Do Not Track” in case the user decides to visit them. FileBucket however does not have responsibility of switching off the tracking requests on active Services from your web browser.

  • For the Purpose of Analytics Services

FileBucket might operate with the third party analytics entities to comprehend the procedure through which the offered Services are used which includes collection of data, ad response, and mobile app analytics and to carry out the communication of reliable marketing messages or ads.

FileBucket can also use the service of Google Analytics which is an exclusive Google analytics service or analytics services given by other companies under (“Analytics Services“) for the purpose of assembling personal data regarding the use of Services by the user. These Services can potentially assemble data regarding the sort of content the user looks at, the demographic details and the details of your operating system. The data collected by the Analytics Service will be sent and saved by the same service and will then be processed to analyze how a user processes the information.

FileBucket requires the users to see the device’s Settings in order to ensure the consistency of the services as per your requirements.

  • Sweepstakes, Contests and Promotions

Over time FileBucket might put up contests, promotions, lucky draws, and sweepstakes in accordance with the Service. The users in such case may be required to share their personal details or give consent to transfer his personal data to third party entities in accordance with the sweepstakes, promotions or lucky draw that is being conducted at the time.  From time to time, we may host a promotion, sweepstakes, or content on the Services.

8.     How the collected data is shared with the Third Parties?

FileBucket might share your personally shared data under following listed conditions:

  • Data Sharing with Advertisers

We might share your personal data with FileBucket’s advertisers and third party advertisers who will make use of the shared data to show certain kind of advertisements on FileBucket’s offered Services. Moreover these third party companies may relay data regarding the user that they have assembled from their services.

  • Data Sharing with FileBucket’s Company Affiliates

FileBucket can potentially share your personal information with our company affiliates for the purposes of collaborated services and content such as performing transactions, registering for a service or for customer help.

  • Data Sharing with FileBucket’s Partner Programs

If a user who selects to visit the site of FileBucket is taken to the Services via a third party route then FileBucket may be liable to share the personal data with the particular third party; this might include the name, email address etc so that the third party can offer the relevant service to you.

  • Data Sharing for Marketing Campaigns

Overtime FileBucket may reveal certain personal details such as name, email address, purchase details etc for marketing companies in order to enhance trade.  

  • Data Sharing with FileBucket’s Service Providers

FileBucket might share the personal data collected from you with FileBucket’s service providers who operate our services for us. Take this example for instance, if there is a service provider that handles payment through card processing, management of data, data collection, email broadcasting, analytics and promotion purposes.

  • Data Sharing for Social Media and Sharing

The FileBucket’s Services may use social media networks or links to social mediate websites or apps that are not under the ownership of FileBucket. FileBucket also might give permission to the users to open the social media sites or their apps using your existing accounts on these sites to use the offered services. If you use these services this might also result in gathering of details regarding your personal identity.

FileBucket compels you to go through the privacy policies of the separate social media websites where you keep your interaction and they collect data according to their terms and use which you must go through separately. Once you are using those third party sites you are compliant to their privacy policies and terms of use.

  • Data Sharing for Business Transfers

In case FileBucket decides for a merger or goes into bankruptcy or decides to sale the website or even a segment of the assets of FileBucket then any details that are collected by FileBucket will be sent to the third party companies during the merger or when any such event happens. Hence FileBucket reserves the right to transmit your personal details that have been collected from your services.

9.     EU Users and Swiss Users – Privacy Shield (For EU and Swiss Data Transferred Into the US)

According to the given set rules of provided by United States’ Department of Commerce, we make sure to observe and obey the EU-US Privacy Shield Frameworkand the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework. This includes the usage as well as the collection and other personal information that you wish to transfer to United States through Switzerland and European Union. We received certified authority after assuring everything to the Department of Commerce. We rest assured them that we will by all standards, obey the Privacy Shield Principles.

In case Privacy Shield and Privacy Policy faces any sort of problems, it is quite obvious to know that the rules of Privacy Shield will be followed. If you want to have a better insight of this program you can simply visit

Remember to always apply and consider the rules mentioned below when talking about EU-US and Swiss US Privacy Shield Frameworks.

  • EU and Swiss personal data may be released in case of any lawful requests given by authorities. This is important in order to ensure your national security.
  • Jurisdiction and enforcement authority of FTC will always be subjected.
  • The transfer of personal data to other third parties is our responsibility except for a few exceptional cases.

We have assured and committed the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Principles to resolve all sorts of complaints related to your privacy that might come their way.

The BBB EU Privacy Shield and the non-profit alternative dispute provider as well as other privacy related departments will be referred through us.

10.The Privacy of Children

The services provided by us are not available for any child under the age of 16. We make sure not to collect or convey any sort of personal information of children who are under the age of 16 and if you are one of those parents who just found out that your child has provided us with any sort of information, you can contact us.

11.Security Measures and Storage Limits

We try our best to protect the personal data you provide us. We take various measures to access the data and make sure to only provide it to further authorities that are our authorized employees who know about us really well. Always remember, that no matter how hard we try to protect your information, we still don’t provide any sort of guarantees which means you’re always doing this at your own risk.

All our retention periods are based and relied on the business and legal needs. We make sure to protect your data for as long as we can. We might retain some transaction details until the claims regarding the transactions have expired. When the process is completed, we either simply destroy the entire data from our systems or just make it anonymous