How to Refresh Your Media Library in VLC for Android

If anyone is a user of VLC or media players, they know the hassle of the player not updating regularly with the news files you’ve added. The only way seems to be to remove the entire folder, adding the required media files to it, and then adding it again to the phone. Not only is it an inconvenience, it is far too much work for a simple action. However, this can easily be solved using the steps below.

About VLC Media Player:

VLC is a free media player, well known for its ability to play most media files. It is written by VideoLAN and can be used across many mediums such as Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and even on Android and iPhone.

How to refresh your media library?

To refresh your media library, simply:

  1. On your Android Phone, go to Settings.
  2. Under the ‘General’ tab, go to ‘Application Manager’.
  3. Go to the tab that lists all the Applications, under ‘All’.
  4. Scroll down until you find ‘Media Storage’. Select this option.
  5. In the new page that opens, select the option that says ‘Clear Data’.
  6. Once the data has been cleared, turn off your phone.
  7. Turn your phone back on again.
  8. Your media library will have refreshed.

Alternative methods:

If your music is stored in your Android Phone’s SD Card, you can also try going to the phone’s Settings, and under the ‘General’ tab, go to the option of ‘Storage’. Scroll down the page that opens, and select the option ‘Unmount SD Card’. Now, you will wait some time and then mount the SD card again. The media library will then be refreshed.

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