Rite Aid Hours: Customers can avail services 7 days a week

What time does Rite Aid open and close? Rite Aid Hours – The opening time is 8 AM and closed at 10 PM at night. Rite Aid stores remain open for all 7 days of a week.

Health requires exercise and lots of nutritious food as well as a beauty sleep of 7-8 hours. If a human body doesn’t fulfill the following requirements, then you may get sick and face many health hazards. Apart from this, for being a healthy person you have to take care of yourself otherwise you may suffer from viral diseases such as flu, cough, fever and other as well. If somehow you may get affected by any of the diseases than that, certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot be healthy again. The Science has evolved so much that it has discovered many of the antidotes for almost all the diseases and there are very few which cannot be cured and treated. The antidotes are supplied to the infected persons through tablets and syrups named as medicines and drugs. There are many fraud people who are playing with human lives and selling them fake medicines and making black money by putting valuable lives at stake. This is the reason that you cannot trust everyone with your own life and get your medicines from those whom you can trust with our eyes close. Rite Aid has, somehow, due to its services and providing of the great quality drugs and medicine, has managed to develop and maintain the trust of the people since 1962.It has grown rapidly and multiplied its stores all across the United States and became the third largest drugstore chain in the United States.


There are many products offered by the Rite Aid but the major products that are offered by them are drugs, medicine, and pharmaceutical products. Some of the products that are sold by Rite Aid are as followings:

  • They provide the best quality up to date medicines which are always trusted by their customers.
  • An enormous range of vitamins can be found here, including vitamin tablets and vitamin oils.
  • Beauty and personal care quality products are being sold here and this covers almost all the brands that are trusted by most of the people.
  • Medicines regarding healthy diets and fitness of the body are also available here which are of high quality.
  • You will also find many of the small household items here as well, including different detergents, tissue paper rolls, Kitchenware, garden tools etc.
  • Rite Aid also provides you with the vast range of Battery selection from different brands for your electronic devices.





Rite Aid is making sure that its customers can avail their services more than half a day so when they need assistance regarding medication they may always find the doors of Rite Aid open for them. This is the Rite Aid policy that is making people fall in love with their services and whenever someone visits them, he or she gets so satisfied with their services that they always want to visit them again whenever they need things regarding their stores. The opening time of Rite Aid is 8 AM and the stores close at 10 PM at night. This is the official timings of all the Rite Aid stores, but they may sometimes vary from these timings from location to location. As discussed earlier that they always want their customers to avail their assistance whenever needed so the Rite Aid stores remain open for all 7 days of a week.


Just because Rite Aid wants to deliver the best to their customers so they conducted a survey to check what their customers think about them and what are the qualities of Rite Aids services and products they think should be improved and what changes do the customers want to see when they visit their stores again. The survey can be accessed through the website http://www.riteaid.com/storesurvey. This allows them to improve their work according to the needs of the customers because, at the end of the day, it is the customer you want to see happy.

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