Benefit of having the right Email Settings

To use anything to its full capacity one has to make sure that it is prepared for it. Preparing anything before its use increases its quality and efficacy of work. Similarly to benefit yourself fully from email, one has to get the appropriate email settings.

About SBCGlobal

SBCGlobal is the internet service provided by AT&T. The SBC in the SBCGlobal stands Southwestern Bell Corporation. In 2005, after buying the biggest telecom company AT&T, the SBC changed its name to AT&T. service is the most preferred internet service in US, as it is reliable and has fast speed.

Quick and simple steps to Email Settings

To get the full use of the Email, one has to have the right settings to get its all functions work in the right manner. The advantage of having the right email settings is at the time of email login that means at the time of the sign up at and the time of verification of the account.

For every email server the settings might vary. The email servers like Microsoft Outlook or Mac OSX mail. The settings written below are specifically for powered by Yahoo. There are several domains powered by AT&T such as,, etc. Just like this SBCGlobal is also one of the domains by AT&T, and its settings vary from other domains. SBCGlobal and AT&T does not require any SSL certificate.

The following the quick and simple steps to email settings:

  • net is the domain setting for
  • The POP Server/Port setting is (995 is the port number)
  • The SMTP Server/Port setting is (465 is the port number)
  • The format for POP3 user ID is ‘’

These are the few simple email settings that you have to do for an efficient use of it. This will improve your overall experience of usage.

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