Access Securitas’ Talx Paperless Pay System at

Securitas has established itself as one of the leading security providers to various companies around the globe; whether it is international, national or Multinational Corporation, all are incomplete without a proper security system provider.

To further provide convenience to various employers and their employees, Securitas has developed an online payroll system by the name of Securitas ePay.

Securitas ePay system can be accessed at and provides access to various employees around the world to their paystub data at one single portal where with a valid username and password one can get access to the Talx Paperless Payroll service where with a single click you can make online payment transfers, access your employee details and much more.

When you visit the URL you will be directed to the Talx Paperless Payroll Employee portal which is essentially an online platform for employees to keep a track of their payroll information and record or to check the updates regarding any pending payments.

Once the employees have accessed the Talx Paperless Payroll portal for Securitas, it is imperative that they login at their portal using their employee user ID and password to access their paystub online. To successfully login to Securitas ePay, your internet connected device must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The Internet Explorer Version 6.0
  2. Mozilla Firefox Version 2.0
  3. Enough space on computer’s RAM, disk and a Java Script
  4. The computer screen adjusted at 1024 x 768
  5. An Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7.0

You can even customize your Securitas ePay Portal with a wide range of color schemes, design templates etc that suits a professional layout for printing out a paystub.

Is there any alternative to access your paystub apart from

Securitas ePay System also has the service of providing paystub data to registered employees through a phone call. This service can be availed throughout the day and was introduced to ease up the general citizens who rely on phone calls to get their day to day tasks done. Once you dial the Securitas phone service, the online operator will guide you to press a series of button to access your paystub data, request a fax for your information or to change your security key.

16 thoughts on “Access Securitas’ Talx Paperless Pay System at

  1. I spent over 2 hours trying to log into the system just to look at my pay stub. I was never able to enter my ss#, or birthday, got tired and frustrated finally gave up. Not as easy as they say.

  2. I am so very annoyed I have spent hours trying to access the information on my pay stubs. I continue to receive warnings that this site is dangerous .

  3. This site is the worst. I have spent the last 3 days trying to access my information to no avail. I need copies of the 3 of my pay stubs and it is impossible to get them.

  4. I feel uncomfortable using this system. Is it really a Securitas epay system or a phishing scam website?

  5. I have to logon to my pay for over an hour. i just keep getting screens wanting me to download. i never saw
    a page asking for my SS#. Please help

  6. This is Nestali Santiago a former employee with Securitas Ihave been calling for a while to get my w-2 forms no one has had the opportunity to give me a simple phone call
    Can someone reach out to me via phone call at 847-228-9178 Thank you

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