Senior Riding: Recommended Winter Scenic Bike Trips 2022

Cold, snow, ice, rain, and clouds are all commonplace in the winter in the northeast and Midwest. It is natural to want to escape from colder climates and seek refuge in the warm, dry air of the south and west, especially with old bones.

For many seniors, the last thing on their minds when dealing with the winter is hopping on the back of a bicycle for a long ride. Whether their reluctance stems from the frigid temperatures or mobility issues, cycling can seem like a distant memory.

However, there are many varieties of bikes for seniors, which can allow even the most cautious individual the freedom to explore. Still, dealing with the weather is a little more complicated. You will need to choose between riding around in the cold or taking a trip to someplace warm.

What To Bring For Your Ride

You have purchased your multi speed tricycle, a bike that provides confidence and comfort. Now, are you going to ride around town or take a trip?

If you are going to explore the trails and areas around your home, you will need to dress the part. Colder climates will require riders to wear heavier clothing, things that are well-insulated. You will want a minimum of a helmet, face mask or scarf, gloves, and a winter coat.

If you are planning on touring warmer locations, you can wear what you would typically wear in those climates. You will also want to find appropriate safety gear. There are ventilated helmets and other clothing designed for wicking moisture away from the skin. You will also want to pack plenty of sunscreen.

Making This Winter Memorable

What does a typical winter look like in your hometown? For many people living in snowy and cold regions, winter is time spent indoors watching TV and waiting for the spring to come. Your winter doesn’t have to be that way.

Take advantage of Sixthreezero coupon codes and find a suitable bicycle. Then, look into warmer locations and popular biking trails across the country. You can make this winter memorable by spending it outdoors and traveling the country.

Top Winter Cycling Locations

The winter weather is harsh on aging bones, which is problematic if you have arthritis. The best thing you can do is travel to someplace warm for the season and enjoy the time away from the cold. There are plenty of tropical and warm getaways that are worth your time. Some of the best locations to visit include:

  • Montgomery Bell State Park, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Oleta River State Park, Florida
  • China Camp Trail System, Marin County, California
  • Grand Cayman Marriot Beach Resort, Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean
  • Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island, Georgia
  • South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida (Flat surface riding)

Are you ready to travel this winter? Set your sights on a warm destination, book a reservation, and head to a local bike shop to figure out what style of bike fits your needs the most.

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