Shoney’s Survey

Here is a systematic procedure for completing the Shoney’s Survey

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  1. Tap on the ‘Take Survey’ button.
  2. Then give the code for the survey based on 18 numbers as you find it written on your invoice slip from Shoney’s.
  3. Recall your experience at Shoney’s and then keeping that in mind answer all the questions asked in the Shoney’s Survey for the betterment of the restaurant.
  4. Make sure you answer these questions honestly even if there is something bad the company must be informed.
  5. Answer honestly when asked about your gender, exact age and other details. Don’t worry this will not be leaked anywhere this is only for classification reasons.
  6. When you are finally done with the survey you will get that special validation code which you must accurately copy on your invoice bill so that you can claim your redeemable offer at Shoney’s next time.

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