Should You Get CBD Oil For Your Cats And Dogs?

Every single pet owner out there knows just how a big responsibility it is to care for animals and ensure that they’re perfectly healthy and happy at all times. Whether you have a cat or a dog, your responsibility will be the same – take care of them. Of course, different animals do require different types of care, meaning that the experience of having a dog will most definitely not be the same as having a cat.

I am, however, pretty certain that you knew that already and that you didn’t expect the experiences to be the same with different animals. Yet, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing these animals can have in common. In fact, they share something in common when it comes to their actual nutrition. Simply put, manufacturers make CBD oil for dogs and cats and both of these animals tend to enjoy the benefits of the product.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy this product for your pets and making this decision is rather difficult, I get it. The reason why you cannot make this decision easily is probably because you haven’t gotten properly informed about CBD oil and it’s time to change that. If you keep on reading, you will learn not only what this product is, but also how it is made and how it works, which will most likely help you decide whether to buy it for your cats and dogs.

What Is CBD Oil & How Is It Made?

Let us begin with the very basics here. CBD oil is a supplement created both for human and animal consumption. Of course, the products made for animals are a bit different than the ones made for humans, since there is absolutely no risk of them containing THC at all. We will, however, talk about that a bit later. Let us now check what it does contain.

I am sure that you have heard about the substance named Cannabidiol, which is actually the main ingredient of this particular product. It is derived from cannabis plants and most usually hemp, especially when we are talking about products for animals. In addition to Cannabidiol, CBD oil can contain other cannabinoids as well, and all of those can be rather beneficial for your cats’ and dogs’ health.

Cannabinoids are explained here, in case you aren’t sure what those are:

So, to sum things up, CBD oil is a supplement made for animals that is created from various cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants, excluding THC. Cannabidiol is the main ingredient of this supplement and it has been said to be pretty amazing for animals’ health. That is precisely why this product for pets is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Is It Safe?

As I have mentioned earlier, this particular product doesn’t contain any THC at all, which further means that it is safe for your pets’ consumption, as it won’t be able to get them high. You are probably, though, worried about whether CBD oil can be harmful for animals in any other ways and the answer is, fortunately, no. A lot of research has been done about this product before it was introduced to the market and research shows that this supplement is completely safe for animals.

Of course, this most certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry about dosing the product properly. If you exaggerate with the dosage, your cats or dogs may experience slight uneasiness, drowsiness or nausea. Sure, that will pass as soon as the effects of CBD oil wear of, but you probably don’t want to put your pet through this in the first place. Instead, you want to ensure that you are dosing the product properly and that your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is thus succeeding in producing the right amount of cannabinoids.

What Is ECS?

Since I have mentioned the ECS, I am quite certain that you are now curious about getting additional info about it and learning what kind of a role it plays here. So, let me explain that to you. All mammals, including cats and dogs, have an endocannabinoid system that’s responsible for regulating certain processes in their bodies by producing endocannabinoids necessary for their proper functioning. What does CBD oil have to do with this, though?

Well, Cannabidiol is a Phyto cannabinoid and it can make up for the ECS’s lack of production. In other words, if your pet’s body isn’t producing enough endocannabinoids, CBD oil can compensate for it in a completely natural way. This is your answer to the question of how CBD oil works in the first place. It simply encourages the ECS to work better.

Should You Get CBD Oil For Your Pets?

As you might have concluded from what I’ve been saying above, this product is perfectly safe for our animals. Now, in order to decide whether to buy it for your cats and dogs, you probably want to know what it can actually do for them. There are quite a few benefits that this product can provide your pets with and I’ll now mention a few of those. CBD oil can help reduce any pain that your pets might be experiencing, it can alleviate their anxiety, reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures, and even help with cancer treatment. In addition to that, it acts as a supplement for healthy animals. So, if you want to keep your cats and dogs healthy, or help them treat some specific illnesses, you should certainly give CBD oil a chance.

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