How To Purchase a Simon Gift Card?

If a person is in search of a gift for someone who loves following fashion trends and has a fashionable lifestyle, then Simon gift card is no doubt the excellent choice to gift.

Simon Mall also promotes and advertise their Simon gift cards, and it is probably the best gift to give on any occasion. You can order Simon gift card online, and you also make it customized of your choice.

Basic information about Simon Property Group, Inc.

Simon Property Group, Inc. is one of the largest real estate company in the United States. Headquarter of Simon Property Group, Inc. is in Indiana, US. They run five different types of genre in real estate business such as shopping centers, community centers, Mills and outlets.

Step by step guidelines for using Simon Gift card

If you want to order the VISA Simon gift card, you have to start the process by visiting the official website and go from step 1 to the last step:

  1. Go on the website link
  2. Choose a card of your choice or order a customized card. You can upload the picture you want on your Simon Gift card.
  3. Then you have to choose the amount you wish for your gift card.
  4. After selecting the amount, you have to select the quantity of the cards you want to buy.
  5. Then “Add to cart”, and your card will be delivered to you.

You will register your card online. You will have an online account that will manage all the information about your card activation and balance checking your account.

There are two types of Simon Gift cards:

In VISA Simon gift card the security code is present in the last four digits of the number that is printed on the front of the card whereas in American Express Simon gift card the security code is last three digits of the number that is written on the back of the gift card. If you find any difficulty in placing the order, then you can have a chat with the customer service.

If you want to surprise your loved ones and give them a choice to choose what they want, Simon gift card is the right choice for you and your loved ones.

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