How Speedway & Got way Electric Scooters are Unique from Others

When you are living in the modern age, you have to upgrade yourself according to it otherwise you will be left behind. But with change comes danger like many inventions of the modern world has cause great harm to our environment. For example cars or bikes which are polluting the air ceaselessly that’s why we need something which advances and also doesn’t harm our environment. Electric scooters either speedway or got way are unique in their own way as they are speedy, safe and harmless and Here are the 4 electric scooters being the proof of it. 

Speedway 5 Electric Scooter – Dual 1600W Motors / 1400Wh Battery

Speedway 5 electric scooter has top speed of 65 km/h which is 40 mph which is pretty good. The scooter has an amazing range of 120 km so you don’t even have to worry about being stuck somewhere as it can go for 75 miles. It has 800Wx2 motor with battery 1400WH. The Speedway 5 comes with the standard headlights, tail lights, side lights, and even LED Logo mood lighting. Its tubeless tires are easy to change and repair and have smart size of 10 inches. The Speedway 5 has definitely no competition. 

Dualtron Mini – Rear Motor Electric Scooter – 500W Motor / 910WH Battery

The frame is made up of grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers. Have a proper lighting system like head Light, Steering tube Led Lights, Front Wheel light, Body side Led Lights and Brake light and Tail light. Dualtron have Rear Drum Brake with ABS Standard. The charging time of the mini is hours with standard 1.75A charger, 5 hours with 2 standard 1.75A chargers, and 2.5 hours with the quick 6.5A charger. The dualtron mini can go 55 km max but this depends on the rider and condition of roads. 

Got way Msuper Pro ( MSP ) 19″ 2600W Motor Electric Unicycle

Msuper Pro is an upgraded version of Msuper X, with 2600W motor and 100V battery, the Pro has a 19 inches wheel power pack which has good stability. The Got way sure is super sporty and like the name says, is for pros. The padels are at the height of 13.6 cm which are actually pretty comfortable. It can even connect to  IOS Android ANDROID Bluetooth App. Got way, the Msuper Pro is definitely a pro choice.  

Got way Monster V3 22” 2500W Motor Electric Unicycle

Got way monster is one of the grand electric unicycles out there with the max range of 210 km with high speed range and massive battery of 1600 – 2400 WH will never fail you. The giant 22 inches tire has no problem with steep roads or long commutes. Have lights which will make your travelling in night bliss as it has Light LED at the front, searchlight, lightning light, red light at the back. Got way Monster will make the imperfection of your journey perfect for you. 

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