Participate in Rite Aid Survey to win $1000 cash reward

Participate in Rite Aid survey on and increase your chances of earning a $100 or $1000 cash sweepstakes. Rite Aid is one of the most successful and major drugstore chains in the U.S. that has stores in 4600 locations. The company operates in more than 31 states and employs 89,000 associates. Due to nature of their operation, the company is constantly looking for feedback on their environment and staff service. Due to this reason, the company is now offering its valued and loyal customers the opportunity to earn a $100 or $1000 grand cash reward by participating in the survey.

Rite Aid

How to participate in Rite Aid Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The company has a survey available online that customers can fill. The website where you can complete a customer satisfaction survey is as follows,

Rite Aid Store Survey


What difference would it make by participating in Rite Aid Survey?

Rite Aid Survey

Every customer goes into drug store due to a different reason, and it’s imperative that their experiences should be valued. By granting them the right to voice their concerns, opinion, and recommendations, companies foster a stronger relationship with their customer. Rite Aid not only intends to listen to people’s opinion, suggestions, criticism, and recommendations but rewards them for it as well. Moreover, when customers offer their suggestions and opinion, the company can acquire a strategic advantage and can make changes that would prove highly beneficial for their growth.

Requirements for online participation in Rite Aid Store Survey

Rite Aid Store

To earn the reward through the online Rite Aid survey at, an individual must have access to internet, a valid receipt from your previous visit to Rite Aid and must be either a citizen or a legal resident in the U.S. Furthermore, individual must be above 18, and will be required to complete the survey in English or Spanish within thirty days of the last visit. Additionally, after filling basic information like store ID, time of visit and date – that is available on the receipt – Individuals must on this stage click ‘submit survey’ and they will automatically enter the competition. Finally, each participant will be required to fill some personal information and will be contacted either via phone or via email, if they are the winners.

16 thoughts on “Participate in Rite Aid Survey to win $1000 cash reward

  1. The local Rite Aid that I do my shopping at and get my prescriptions from always takes great care of me and my partner. We always have a great experience there. Would highly recommend this store to my friends & family.

  2. Hi, I have good experience , everything is ok. the people is very nice.special IRIS,DORY AND BRADLY they have a many patience wih the customer ….store is #03686″ LOS QUERO HACEN UN MUNDO MEJOR POR QUE EL MUNDO NESECITA GENTE COMO USTEDES,”sorry for my inglis……

  3. Just had a wonderful experience at your 5270 Balboa Ave. store in San Diego. Was treated ever so respectful by your cashier Tivon. He went out of his way to help me find what I was looking for. It just gave me a real good feeling about people and we know how seldom that happens nowadays.

  4. Ronkonkoma Rite Aid and All rite Aid stores have everything I need for a healthy house and a healthy lifestyle.. The Halloween decorations are really pretty and make the season . Thanks so much riteaid..

  5. The current remodeling project being done at the Belfair, WA store is terrible! I spent over 20 years in Visual Merchandising and store planning for a large chain of retail stores and never did I see one so un-coordinated. I feel very sorry for the poor staff having to put up with the hectic schedule. Prior to the beginning of this project the store was great and easy to shop. Now….Rite-Aid has (had) a lock on the competition in many ways in our small town but now I see potential and con-
    fused customers heading back out the door going to the nearest Safeway or QFC.
    Whoever made the decision to “upgrade” this store needs to retake the class in “Merchandising 101.

  6. Hola perdón pero no puedo escribir en ingles ciempre compro mis medicinas y cosas personales en la farmacia RITE AID en Robertsdale AL me atienden ciempre con amabilidad muy bien le recomiendo a mis amigos y familiares por tan buena atención q le brindan al cliente gracias por ser tan amables con las personas agradezco su atención ojalá en todas las tiendas fueran tan amables como en las farmacias RITE AID….

  7. riteaid’s slogan ‘WITH US,IT’S PERSONAL’is so true.I’ve never had a bad experience.all employees are friendly & helpful.

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