Subway Survey

In just a single click you would be able to filling the subway simple survey and avail a delicious cookie in your next visit!

Here is the detailed process for finishing the Subway Survey

  1. Click on the Take survey button above.
  2. When the main page opens up you will be asked to give the number of the restaurant of SUBWAY as written on your purchase slip.
  3. You will then be taken to the page where all the questions for the Subway Survey will be present.
  4. Answer all the questions in accordance to your recent experience at the restaurant of the Subway.
  5. When all of the questions of Subway Survey have been answered you will have to give your valid email address
  6. Now a coupon code will be delivered in your inbox. You must correctly note it down on your purchase slip.
  7. This coupon code will get you your free cookie as promised when you decide to go eat at Subway the next time.

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