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Contact and Help

Target cares about their customers and every customer’s concerns are answered in a responsive manner. If you want you reach out to Target regarding any query or complaint, you can go to any of your nearest Target store and talk to their customer representative or the store manager.

 Target have trained staff that knows that they have to deal with the customers with utmost care.

The following are some of the ways to reach out to Target


Frequently asked questions

Can anyone take the survey?

No, only the customers of Target can take the survey that too if they have a valid receipt.

Can you take multiple surveys on the same receipt?

Definitely not, you cannot take multiple surveys on the same receipt. One survey per receipt, these rules are mentioned before taking the survey.

Can the survey be taken anytime anywhere?

The online survey can be taken anytime as long as the website is functional. The survey can also be sent through mail. In order to successfully complete the survey all you eed to have is a working internet connection and a device!

Is there only one Target store?

No, Target have numerous outlets scattered across the United States! You can select any of the outlets that are nearest to your location and shop away!

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