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Terms of Use

The FileBucket welcomes you to its official web page Welcome to our website, https://www.thefilebucket.com. The FileBucket urges you to skim through these Terms of Use which comprise to a binding agreement between the user and T3 Technologies Network. The FileBucket has attempted at its best to eliminate the use of unnecessary legal jargon to simplify the terms of use for the better understanding by the user as we attempt to safeguard our rights in regards to accessing content available on this website. If any user does not want to comply by the terms of this agreement then they can exit the site once reading it. However if you choose to use this site then you will have to comply by the agreements stated in this Terms of Use document.

Every time you would select to visit the website of The FileBucket via your web browser you will be held tied by the Terms of Use designed by The FileBucket and also in addition with other laws and regulations that suit under the conditions. With the binding to these Terms of Use each user automatically takes responsibility for conducting acts according to the legal Terms of Use that may be applicable in the events that you visit The FileBucket. In case you have any restrictions complying to the terms of use and rules of The FileBucket, your access to the website of The FileBucket will be restricted or prohibited. Every image, material published and links present on The FileBucket are under the protection of copyright laws.

The FileBucket is a common platform online providing content and data on a wide range of topics by providing open access to a number of articles, links and application which intend to give content for information, research and entertainment. The content is composed by a team of well trained writers, researchers and editors and displays a wide range of ideas and perspectives catering to general interest of the user. Under this Terms of Use Agreement you are bound by the following Terms once you access the website of The FileBucket:

  1. Suitable Conduct

You are bound by this agreement to act suitably and responsibly and treat other users of the site with dignity.

  1. Limited License

Any original content that is published on The FileBucket is guarded under the intellectual property laws. The users are given a non-exclusive permission to access this content comprising of pictures, articles and videos but only by accessing the official site of The FileBucket. However any content downloaded or printed from The FileBucket can only be set forth for personal use and not for any commercial purposes.

  1. Terms for using The FileBucket Site
  • Eligibility for Fee based Services. If The FileBucket chooses to provide any service based on fee or payment then it can only be used by those visitors who agree to come under binding contracts under suitable law.
  • Membership on The FileBucket. The FileBucket may ask you to create an account to use certain sections of our site. In this case it is imperative that you create an account. While registering for an account you must enter eligible, authentic and recent information wherever required. In case of any changes you must inform The FileBucket firsthand and in case you fail to give updated information then your access to The FileBucket will be terminated.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  • Copyrights. All the content that is published on the website including the logos, layout, pictures, text or any other files is published under the ownership of T3 Technologies Network. The users are not allowed to use any of these materials without the explicit permission of The FileBucket. Copyright © T3Technet. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • Trademarks. The FileBucket name and logos that are published on the site are official trademark logos by the T3 Technologies Network. The users are not allowed to use any of these Trademarks without the explicit permission of The FileBucket in written form.
  1. Termination
  • By The FileBucket. The FileBucket has the right and discretion for any reason without any notification to the user to terminate the registered account on the official website of The FileBucket.
  • By the User. If you have registered for an account with The FileBucket you can choose to terminate your account at any point in time by informing The FileBucket.
  1. Violations

The user access privileges to The FileBucket are subjected to their compliance with this Terms of Use Agreement. If the user is caught violating these terms then The FileBucket has the right to terminate their access to the site.

  1. Privacy

The FileBucket realizes the importance of personal information that is shared on our platform hence our Privacy Policy page in detail outlines all the steps that The FileBucket adheres to for protecting personal user data.

  1. Links

The FileBucket can potentially provide links to certain third party websites from the official site of The FileBucket to provide Service to our users. However The FileBucket has no authority or control whatsoever on the content that is published on these third party sites since it is at their own discretion.

  1. Customer Service

The FileBucket takes no responsibility neither commits to provide any sort of customer support but it may be provided in future at our own discretion.

  1. Modifications to Site Terms of Use

The FileBucket can and will make alterations to any of the terms of use at any point in time without giving a notice beforehand to any of its visitors. It should be noted that when you choose to visit the The FileBucket website you are instantly binding and agreeing to all terms of use.