The Top Dinosaur Themed Games You Might Want to Try Out

Thinking out loud isn’t it hard to imagine that Dinosaurs occupied the same planet as human beings? These big things are quite fascinating, and that is why movies like Jurassic world have been produced.

However, dinosaurs seem to have also taken over the game industry. If you are looking for the perfect gaming console dino game to play this is definitely the right place. The following is a list of the top ten dino games that are worthwhile.

  1. Primal Carnage

This is a first shooter game that gives the player or should I say multiplayer control. The human team gets weapons such as rocket launchers, tranquillizer darts, and rifles. On the other hand, the dinosaur team has varied species.

From the T-rex, high flying Pteranodon to the splitting Dinophasarus, you have a good many choices. All these dinosaurs have their own unique abilities to surprise their human enemies. The Pteranodon can lift you off and drop you off at your death while the T-rex will shred the humans to pieces.

  1. Dino D-Day

This is a game that combats the Nazi but comes with a twist. The Nazis have their own military pack of dinosaurs. You have everything from a Trex that has guns attached on the side of its face to a Styracosaurus that acts like a quadrupedal machine gun. The game is set in the prehistoric World War 2 battlefields. The Nazis alongside the Germans have standard weapons.

The players have the ability to take control of the dinosaurs; the allies have a three-legged baby Triceratops. It’s a good thing this is just a game, because if not maybe we would still on the battleground.

  1. Turok- Dinosaur Hunter.

The games start with the player killing random human attackers and dinosaurs. Sometime later the dinosaurs brandish alien weapons such as energy cannons. This game has no story behind it. You just have to shoot dinosaurs before finishing the dinosaur boss which is a T-rex. The Trex has a laser attached to its head. The game has the console of earlier games that are a bit outdated. But it is still a good game to play.

4. Dino-Crisis

This can only be described as a dinosaur horror adventure. The game has the monstrosities of Resident Evil only that the zombies are replaced with velociraptors. The camera and mechanical setting are borrowed from Resident Evil. The player just has to run so that their faces are not eaten. The game is all about waiting for the next scare in a Jurassic Park setting.

  1. Super Mario’s World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi is one of the best dinosaur games in the world and not because it has Mario the plumber in it.  However, in this game the player does not exist as Mario the plumber, but as a race of friendly dinosaurs. Yoshi has to keep Mario safe while trying to rescue Baby Luigi from the evil Baby Bowser. This is the game that unlocked all of Yoshi’s abilities which we know.

Which one of these are you looking to try out and why? Let us know below!

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