Participate in Tractor Supply Survey to win $2,500 gift card

Participate in Tractor Supply Survey on to get a chance to win $2,500 gift card by voicing your concerns and suggestions.

Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply Company is located in rural areas and city suburbs with over 1,150 stores. Tractor Supply Company unique stores have everything you need for your farm, livestock or home. Tractor Supply Co. has decided to conduct a survey through its website i.e. If you have recently visited a Tractor Supply store, then you can participate in online customer satisfaction survey and can get a chance to win $2,500 gift card to use at their store.

Why Tractor Supply Initiated Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Tractor Supply Co. is trying to get their customer’s mindset through Tractor Supply survey so that they can get the idea how they are working in their industry and what are the things they are good at and those things are helping them to deliver best services. It will also help them know about their weak points so that they can improve those things to enhance their business. The major purpose of this research is to motivate its customers to go on to at a site where they can openly provide their feedback, and they can share their personal experiences.

How to participate in Tractor Supply survey?

Tractor Supply Survey

Customers can participate in Tractor Supply survey by clicking on the link, and they can share their experiences and feedbacks. When a customer browses the customer satisfaction website, a form appears on that page which contains five major options which ask for the ticket number which is also known as a receipt number, date of the bill, time when a customer visited the Tractor Supply store, number of the store and register number. The website also contains an example available on the site which shows customer to put the mentioned details in right options so that it can make them comfortable.

Tractor Supply Co. Customer Satisfaction Survey Guidance

Tractor Supply Store

The customer can attempt Tractor Supply Co. Survey in two major languages i.e. English and Espanol. There are two pages available on the site as first is “Sweepstakes Rules” and the second is “Privacy Policy”. In first option Tractor Supply has mentioned eight headings in which the company states to its customers, if they have not bought any product ever from their stores then you need to worry about this, and it is also mentioned on the survey website that anyone can give their feedback who visited or not visited the store. In the second paragraph, it has mentioned the eligibility criteria of customers who are eligible for this prize. In the third paragraph, it has mentioned about the ways to enter the sweepstakes rules, as it has mentioned three ways to do it. In the fourth paragraph, it is telling about the periods of drawings and in the fifth paragraph, it states the detail of prizes that Truck Supply Co. is offering to the lucky winners. In last three paragraphs it mentioned details about the conditions of the guest satisfaction survey, the announcement of winners list and at last, it has stated some detail about the sponsors.

A customer can go through with these details so that it will help them to increase their knowledge and to get a better understanding of Tractor Supply survey. After putting desired details, the participant can click on the ‘Start’ button so that they can begin the process of giving their feedback by answering a few questions. It will also lead them towards the chance to win $2,500 gift card.

8 thoughts on “Participate in Tractor Supply Survey to win $2,500 gift card

  1. Had problem returning vehicle battery to store # 1868. When I bought battery, I turned in old one for core charge of $10:00. Battery did not fit so I returned it. Store said they did not have my old battery to return to me and would not give back my $10:00 for core on battery. I tried to buy correct battery but store wanted to charge me again for core. I wanted them to credit me on original old battery returned towards new battery. Store said system would not allow them to do that. I spoke with Emily at store and she was very professional and determined to resolve this for me.. She called help desk and was referred to call her manager at home. Manager was not home. She apologized and said she would follow-up as soon as manager called back. At 7:30 that night Emily called my hose and told me issue was resolved, and to ask for her when I returned to store. I bought the new battery and was credited for my old one. It was not so much the money, but the principal that bothered me. You are lucky to have an employee like Emily that takes a personal interest in your company. She could of easily told me to call the number on receipt to work out my problem. Thank You Emily and Tractor Supply. Roy

    1. He had a really good time there today, he said it was really fast. No waiting around at all. Thanks very much.

  2. looking for printable coupons…was just at TSC and could not show a coupon…is there an app where the coupons will be logged in so I can find them without looking thru all my hundreds of e-mails

  3. My experience at Tractor Supply was great. Customer friendly and they were willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied.

  4. My visit to Tractor Supply in Pulaski Va. was made both informative and enjoyable by Catrina, the sales lady. She not only helped me in choosing the trailer that best suited my needs but also in getting the accessories I needed to get it on the road. Your sales staff is a great asset to your company.

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