What Is HomePath Mortgage?

Basic information related to HomePath Mortgage:

There are many organizations who give HomePath mortgage financing to the people who weren’t lucky enough to qualify for the conventional mortgage to buy a home. There is an organization named Fannie Mae who deals and offers the same HomePath Mortgage.  These homes are for residential purposes or you can do property business in these homes. This HomePath Mortgage Financing program is present in more than 50 states right now. If you have a bad credit score then, you don’t have to worry about it because you will qualify for a HomePath mortgage.

HomePath Mortgage

Down Payment:

The down payment of the HomePath Mortgage should be as little as 3 percent of the prices of the home you will get. It is different as compared to conventional mortgages. You can get the HomePath from different sources or financed by different sources besides you yourself buying it. You can get it as a gift, or a loan or a grant from a non-profit organization, from the company to the employee etc.


You need to get an appraisal for the home you want to buy and it is compulsory. This process when will you determine that it has that value and worth in your life or not. You don’t have to pay any appraisal of a hundred dollars. You can get HomePath mortgages at different rates that can be variable or fixed. Some of the HomePath mortgages have interest only that means you have to pay the interest of the loan. You don’t have to pay down the principal.

HomePath Renovation Mortgage Financing:

There is a variety of HomePath Mortgages when it comes to finances. These mortgages do cover the price on which you have purchased the home and it also allows some fund to make it renovate which is an additional charge. To get this type of loan, it is compulsory that your property must be your primary residence.

Mortgage Insurance:

HomePath Mortgage

You have this option of getting the loan without paying any mortgages insurance. Conventional lenders usually require that you buy mortgage insurance, which costs about 1 percent of the cost of the property if your down payment is less than 20 percent.

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