What is Your Texas Benefits?

It is easier to keep track of and use your Texas Benefits Medical card. Hold and carry the plastic card with you, just like your driver’s license or a credit card. The benefits you can take advantage from include SNAP food benefits, health care benefits, cash help for families, Medicare savings programs and long-term care.

Your Texas Benefits

Texas Benefits Medical Card Instructions

You check the status of your form; check your interview time and even items you are missing for the application.  If it is your first time to apply, for Texans who have Medicaid will get the card in the mail in August.

Some will get the card earlier in the month and some in the later part of the month. If you have any problems with the card or you want to order a new one, call 855-827-3748. If you card is losing, call 855-827-3748 to record it and order a new one.

You can apply for benefits with simple steps

Click on the “Apply for benefits” box.

Set up an account.

Fill out the form.

Send the form to us by clicking a button at the end of the form.

You can view your case with the following steps

Your Texas Benefits

Click on the “View my case” box.

Set up an account or log into the account you created.

check your application status, check your interview time, check your case status, find out if we got items you sent, get a receipt for items you sent, see which items we still need from you, print the application you sent.

From the home page click “View my case.”

Follow the steps for setting up an account or logging in

After logging in, click the “Medicaid” tab in the upper right part of the screen.

Click “View services and health history.”

Click the tab at the top that says, “Order or print Medicaid ID cards.”

Find your name (or the name of the family member who needs a new card) and click the link in that same row that says “Order card.”
Your Texas Benefits

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