The American Airlines Delayed Baggage Service

American Airlines without a doubt has been one of the most prominent airline services in the United States of America that was established back in the year 1930 under the name of American Airways. Ever since the airlines has only expanded and grown in the country to a point where it is now a successful network on a domestic as well as an international scale all across Asia, Europe and America.  The company is now offering their exclusive American Airlines Delayed Baggage Service so that customers can track their luggage online at

American Airlines

Guide to use the American Airlines Delayed Baggage Service

If you are travelling through American Airlines and are stuck in a situation where your luggage has been delayed then you can visit this website to seek help. This is the website which will provide you with the current status on your delayed luggage or baggage and you can easily locate it. The website will ask you for the following:

  1. State your last name;
  2. Type in the file locator;
  3. Tap on GO

Then you can easily see the luggage status online and if you have no clue regarding your file locator you can get in touch with the Baggage Customer Service for assistance with your lost luggage. The company’s tele-service is available all day 7 days a week. The website is offering an easy Plan Travel and Travel Information for customer assistance. If you wish to know further about the service of the airline you can access the section of AAdvantage.

What is American Airlines Service?

American Airlines is one of the most prominent and leading airline in the United States runs under the ownership of AMR Corporation. It operates their daily flight schedules throughout the major continents across the globe. You can use this web address to check on the status of your luggage.

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