An Introduction to the AAA Travel Services

If you are a designated driver then it is impossible that you are unfamiliar with the AAA Travel Services which is a great company providing road emergency services to all their registered members.

You may not be aware that in addition to the roadside emergency services the AAA Travel Services are also providing effective travel plans, air travel service books, car rentals, hotel bookings and directions on the road and all this information can be accessed on

AA Travel Services

Overview on the AAA Travel Services

If you are a registered member of the AAA Travel Services then they can be beneficial in providing you effective roadside assistance in case of emergency.

This hold true for all the international members as well who are visiting the United States of America even for the time being.

Before you plan your trip abroad the member of AAA are advised to get their International Drivers Permit (IDP) which will be accepted in almost 150 countries around the world. If you wish to receive an IDP, you can do the following:

1.       Open the AAA Travel Services website and then state your zip code. The AAA membership will not be needed for an IDP and if you are a member you will be given a discount. In order to qualify you should at least be 18 in age and must possess a legit U.S. license.

2.       You can download your application from the official website of AAA and complete it. Also keep passport size photos ready to complete the submission of the application.

3.       Then take this completed application to the AAA office along with your driver’s license and your passport sized photos. You will have to submit an application fee and you will be provided with your IDP the very same day if you have all the documents.

For further details you can visit this web page of the AAA Travel Servicess

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