How to Register My TV for Amazon?  

In form of an exclusive deal by the Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video is streaming above 90,000 different TV Shows and films on all your TV and video based devices. Using this your indoor life will become full of entertainment so all you have to do is complete the registration of your devices using the Amazon Instant Video in order to access all your favorite TV shows and movies. This article will guide you on how to Register My TV for Amazon in a few quick steps.

My TV for Amazon

Instructions to Register My TV for Amazon

In order to Register My TV for Amazon you must sign in to your Amazon account or register for an account as a fresh user.

  1. Go to this website and give your email ID but if you are a fresh user, tap on the first round button and then hit “Sign in using our secure server” to start the registration. If you are a returning user then you can enter your password to Register My TV for Amazon.
  2. Enter all the necessary credentials such as your full name, cell phone number which is not compulsory and then your password. Now click “Create account” to finish.

Once you have opened your account of signed in you can register your devices.

  1. State the 5-character code as stated on your devices and tap on “Continue” to continue
  2. Read the Terms of Use carefully and place a tick mark to accept it and click “Continue”.
  3. Complete the Payment Settings which will allow you buy or get on rent the Amazon Instant Videos for the future. Keep following the prompts to finish adding the payment procedure and then set your billing address.
  4. Come up with a purchase PIN and then tap on “Save Your PIN”. You can change this afterwards.
  5. There you go, you can easily now stream and enjoy watching your favorite TV Shows and Movies. s

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