BB&T Routing Number – Branch Banking and Trust Company

BB&T Routing Number – When a bank is spread over a lot of locations and areas, its routing number is a little difficult to find out. The same thing happens with finding the (Branch Banking and Trust Company) BB&T routing numberThis happens because it’s located in so many places, and covers such a huge amount of area, that getting to know each and every location and its routing number might get a little difficult for the people. The bank has been working successfully and serving the people for more than hundred years now. And because of its huge level of experience, it is trusted immensely by people all over the world. This is the reason why it has an amazing worth of assets, which is even more than one hundred and eighty-two billion.

The Trust Factor

The bank has been in a constant progress since the time it came in the action. The company has employed a lot of people and serves millions of customers all over the world. The bank not only gives services related to the transfer of the funds. But at the same time, it helps in the brokerage of the retail business, as well as mortgage services. The finances are also provided to the customers in a huge amount. However, the transfer of the funds across the world with the help of this bank is what the customers really trust in.

BB&T Routing Number

The routing numbers of almost all the banks consist of nine digits. These are usually written on the right side of the checks provided by the bank. Basically, a routing number is allocated to a bank by the American Bankers Association. The numbers are provided to all the banks by this association. The reason of the provision of these routing numbers is to get an easy transferring of the funds from one place to another or from one customer to another. The BB&T routing number for every state in the United States of America is different! For example, if you are transferring the wire from Georgia, you will use a different routing number and if you are transferring it from Texas, you will use a completely different one.

BB&T’s ABA numbers or routing numbers

State Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 0622-0398-4
District of Columbia (DC) 0540-0154-7
Florida (FL) 2631-9138-7
Georgia (GA) 0611-1341-5
Indiana (IN) 0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY) 0839-0068-0
Maryland (MD) 0550-0330-8
New Jersey (NJ) 0312-0471-0
North Carolina (NC) 0531-0112-1
Ohio (OH) 0421-0226-7
Pennsylvania (PA) 0313-0912-3
South Carolina (SC) 0532-0160-7
Tennessee (TN) 0642-0816-5
Texas (TX) 1110-1769-4
Virginia (VA) 0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV) 0515-0339-4

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