Citibank Routing Number/ABA number Make Your Business Life Easier

Dealing with the business activities is difficult when you do not have any idea how to do that but the Citibank routing number has made the life of the business men easier. Since the beginning, sending and receiving of the monetary fund’s has been difficult as well as confusing thing. If you are not a person having any interest in the working of the bank, it might get difficult for you to transact the monetary treasures. There is a possibility that you live in one state of the country and want to send the money to the other state. Sometimes, you might also want to transfer the funds to another country which might turn out to be a headache for you. In such time, the usage of the routing number helps you in the transfer of the funds from one place to another. You need to know the routing number that will help you in the transaction and after acknowledging it; you need to give your application for the process. The rest of the work will be done by the bank itself. As every bank has a different routing number for a different location, you need to be very particular about it.

What is Citibank Routing Number/ABA Number?

The Citibank routing number is a number that is composed of nine digest in total. With the help of this routing number, you will be able to send the wire to the people living in the same country or in the different country. In other words a routing number is also known as the ABA number as well as the RTN number and lets you get done with all the money transferring thing in the smoothest way possible.

How to know the Citibank Routing Number?

The best way to know the routing number of your bank is by checking your bank check thoroughly. While observing it, you will see a nine digits long number written on the deposit slip that you get from the bank. Every region has a different routing number for example if the branch at north of California has the routing number of 321171184 while the branch located at the south has the routing number 322271724. Therefore, you need to be specific that which one you should go for in order to complete the wire transaction process.

Citibank Routing / ABA numbers list

The CitiBank routing/ABA numbers are sometimes called transit numbers.

State Routing or ABA number
Northern California – including San Francisco & Central California 321171184
Southern California – including Los Angeles & San Diego 322271724
Connecticut 221172610
Delaware 021272655
Florida 266086554
Illinois 271070801
Maryland 052002166
254070116 for incoming wires
Massachusetts 221172610
Nevada – except Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56 322271724
Nevada – Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56 122401710
322271724 for incoming wires
New Jersey 021272655
New York 021000089
021001486 for former EAB customers
Pennsylvania 021272655
Texas 113193532
Virginia & Washington DC 254070116


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