What is CorrLinks Prison Inmates?

When you find you close one in prison from whom you are not able to communicate and talk and it been months, or even years, Corrlinks is providing a solution to it and you can CorrLinks Prison Inmates.

CorrLinks Prison Inamtes Instructions

Sending and receiving emails through CorrLinks system are easy:

Visit CorrLinks official site and log in with your account.

Add intimate number of whom you want to communicate with to your address book. You will need to add a Federal inmate to your contact list with Identification Code sent to your email before you can contact him/her.

Click on “Mailbox” to write an email and have it sent.

If you want to block inmate communication ,click Block Inmate Initiated Request and enter your email address and identification code from your email, select your block option and hit the Confirm button.

CorrLinks official site is at www.corrlinks.com

Corrlinks is providing free service for sending or receiving messages from inmates at Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities with TRULINCS. But messages can be send to Iowa inmates costs $0.25 per message, Oklahoma inmates $0.30 per message and Minnesota inmates $0.30 per message.

For registered system, inmates must pay $0.15 for every minute of using it. Image printing is available at a cost of $0.15 per page.

You may have to wait about half an hour before your request being approved and your login can be produce

CorrLinks prison Inamtes

This fee-based system allows family and friends to subscribe to Corrlinks, of which the incoming and outgoing messages are monitored and limited to 13,000 characters. The content of the email may not “jeopardize the public or the safety, security, or orderly operation of the correctional facility”. Corrlinks is the federal government’s official email system set up for federal inmates to communicate with the outside world. This system provides direct email access to federal inmates and other inmates in some state prisons offering such kind of service. This is best service in the system.

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