Participate in Costa Coffee Survey to win 1 month free coffee

Want to win 1 month free Coffee? Then participate in Costa Feedback survey at by expressing your opinions and suggestions to improve their services quality and enter the sweepstakes program.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company which is headquartered in Dunstable, United Kingdom. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread PLC. Costa Coffee is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world behind Starbucks and the largest in the United Kingdom. Costa Coffee has started conducting a survey in the United Kingdom through its website i.e. Costa has planned to start this activity because they want to study the buying pattern and choices of their customers, and they choose to conduct an open survey so that they can place their free opinion. The major objective of this research is to move a step closer to its customers and to let them feel free to come on to the site as the company welcomes their opinions and suggestions to improve their services quality. Costa found it is the best and less time-consuming way to directly reach its customer and to get their true opinions. Customers can join feedback program by simply going on to Costa Coffee Survey website by clicking on the link, where they can provide their open feedback. When any customer opens that Costa Coffee website he lands on the homepage of Costa, then he scroll down and participate in the survey.

Costa Coffee Survey

Initially, customer will get a thank you note from the Costa Coffee Survey website ( which thanks to customer in order to participate in the survey and it gives instruction as customer is supposed to answer each question by rating the answer from 0 to 10 as 0 shows the most unlikely answer and 10 show the most likely answer. Before starting, the Costa Coffee survey website asks the customer to put the name of the store that customer visit and it also ask the customer to select the store from the list. Once customer selects the desired store, then they can start answering the questions as they answer first 6 questions by rating from 0 to 10 and then a question comes which ask for the reason from the customer about their answers as they rated against each question. Beneath, there is mentioned another question in which it asks about the staff of Costa if there is any person who provides special service to customer every time they visit the store. Costa Survey website then asks about the personal detail of customers like name, gender, email address and phone number. It also asks about the name of the store customer like to visit and about the day and time of customer visit and it also ask either customer took their order away or they spent some time sitting in the shop. When a customer put all desired information in desired fields, then they simply need to submit the form by clicking on Submit option as mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Costa Coffee UK Store

Costa Coffee Survey provides following benefits to attend the feedback program

  • Free coffee for a month
  • Monthly lucky draw for a grand prize

Costa Coffee Feedback Survey Rules

  • You do not have to purchase to enter.
  • One entry per person per month.
  • You cannot change the prize to cash or other things.

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