Participate in Cub Foods Survey to earn $100 gift card

Participate in Cub Foods Survey on and you might win a $100 gift card by unlocking a unique code through Club Foods sweepstakes program.

About Cub Foods

There are lots of ways through which you can save your money and one of them is answering the online survey questions. Answering these questions helps you in getting your hands on free gifts or, you can spend some time in going through these surveys and have some free food. Lots of companies look forward to get their questions answered through these surveys and they not only help the customers but at the same time, they help the companies in getting to know how can they get better at their services and help people the best. Club Foods is one of the most amazing places from where you can have club food and other snacks.

Why Cub Foods Survey

The company is loved by people all over the world however, it is also striving hard to get better at what it does. The idea of Cub Foods Survey helps the company in getting the honest point of views of its customers and in return, they can get their hands on amazing prizes. In the event that you take an interest in the study, you may express your fulfillment or grievances about the Cub Foods store at which you have most as of late shopped. When you have completed all the study questions, you will likewise be qualified to enter and win the week after week sweepstakes, and get a Cub Foods blessing card which would be worth one thousand dollars that can be utilized for anything obtained at Cub Foods.

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Win a gift cards through Cub Foods Survey

In order to be a part of the customer satisfaction survey, you need to visit the Cub Foods survey website and read the sweepstake principles and hit Begin Survey button. Enter security code to proceed. Enter the Captcha code found on your receipt. Keep on answering all inquiries as legitimate as could reasonably be expected. Leave your own data so you can be educated on the off chance that you win the sweepstakes. If you do not add the right kind of information, you might lose your chance of winning the gift card. Therefore, the most important things in this survey is to put in the right receipt number in order to enter the survey and give the right information in the end to get the card.

Cub Foods Survey


By completing the Cub Foods guest satisfaction survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program to a get a chance to win a $100 Cub Foods gift card. Cub Foods Survey helps the company to know how their consumers are satisfied with their products and services.

20 thoughts on “Participate in Cub Foods Survey to earn $100 gift card

  1. HyVee opened up a couple of minutes from the Eagan Cub Foods store I have shopped at for years. I am a loyal Cub Foods customer. It never was about pricing for me. It is the very nice employees I have dealt with beginning from the management to the check out and in between; including John the butcher and Matt at check out. Why ruin a good thing.

  2. Shop at your St Anthony store. My comments are the meat dept often smells of fish. We have experienced overrings on 2of 3 visits on avg…Produce is often passed freshness dates. Cashier help is often short staffed

  3. A member of the clean team in Hastings MN turned my lost purse in.
    I believe his name was Mark, he is a fine example of the kind people that work at this store.
    They sure saved me a lot of stress.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Used to live in Maple Grove 35 years, Moved to Brooklyn park still go back to Maple Grove as We do not care for the Brooklyn Park store. IF I had one complaint it would be LACK of SERVICE at the checkouts has ALWAYS been a problem. THREE carts in line is TOOOOO many. NEVER seem to have a problem with a checkout at Costco, no matter how busy they are they are always ready to open more lines. Today at 4pm you had 3 lines open with 3 to 4 carts at each one NOT acceptable. Have not tried Hy-Vee as I support the union stores, but find it extremely trying at times.

  5. why are you trying to change our shopping habits
    hyvee and target and walgrens adds come out on sunday You have a whole week to shop the adds
    andmake out a list for Saturday When adds come outon Thursday and you get to the store
    on Saturday and try to figure out what youneed and read the paper and stand inpeoples way it
    gets discouarging Andnot to mention you have taken to stocking the shelfs on Saturday morning
    so you have carts in the aisle stocking people in the way and merchandize all over Its frustrating
    RICHARD May 28 2o17

  6. Hello!, we’re the Tripp family, there is an employee named peter of the arden hills mn cub, clean team member VERY NICE VERY DEDICATED PLEASE RECOGNIZE him thanks!….

    Also, the forest lake cub could use some seroius house cleaning……of employees……….and those nasty, janky, wrenchedly mingy malododorous, perverted cops(one in particular) that stop in! God! what an element….is it a grocery store or a cop shop out let…….YUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!………IMPROVE, PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE ,lastly the stillwater cub, and the cottage grove one…..are terrific!!!!!!!!!!! clean at least and not a cop hot spot, God, apart from the uniforms(which are faded and ill fitted, sweat stained it’s hard to tell the culprut from the “shop lifter” )……honestly forest lake …………………straighten the heck up…….you should be shut down by the health dept for those rest rooms alone………

  7. i think the paper bags cub has to let us use at check out are very cheap the handles let go and your grocerys go falling to the floor! other stores have better paper bags than cub like coborns and market place stores! for what cub charges for there grocerys they should have better bags! please take care of this issue!

  8. had 80% ground beef and the sign said 85% you charged me 12.27 for 3# and the 85% was on sale
    for 1,99 per# anther rip off from Cub foods

  9. I would like someone in the store to help older people load there cars after a snowfall. Its so hard for them to push the carts.

  10. where are the questions to do the survey. I have clicked on about 4 things saying take the survey, but where are the questions;?

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