Participate in CVS Survey to earn $1,000 gift card

Participate in CVS Survey on to earn a $1,000 gift card by voicing your concern and suggestions to answer some questions related to products and services at their pharmacy.

It is always necessary for the people to buy their medicines from the place where they are sure of getting them real and pure. IF you have always wondered which place you need to go in order to have real and original medication, you need to try CVS pharmacy. This pharmacy helps you in battling with all your diseases and infections that you have with its real and original medicines. There is no doubt in the fact that CVS Pharmacy is one of the biggest companies that have their original in the United States of America. The company started several years ago in America and now, it is one of the biggest companies in the world.

Why CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company is quite huge and it can be confirmed because of the fact that it has more than eight thousand people working in the outlets all over the world. The company not only manufactures the good and supreme quality medicines but also some of the great beauty products. Alongside, the company also provides you with some phenomenal other products as well that you can use whenever you want to and in whichever manner that you want. One new thing that the company has come up with just recently is CVS Survey.

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The Process of CVS Survey

The CVS Survey helps you getting some gift cards that will let you have some more fun at the store. However, first you will have to answer some questions related to the products as well as the services that you got when you visited the company last time. If you know how to read Spanish and English, you can easily answer all the questions that are asked in the survey. The receipt number written on the top of your receipt number which has sixteen digits will help you entering the survey. After answering all the questions, you will have a chance of entering the lucky draw where you can get a gift card worth one thousand dollars. The survey will not only be beneficial for you but will also be quite advantageous for the company as well as it will give the company a chance to make its services better than before.

CVS Survey


By participating in CVS Pharmacy Survey, you will get a chance to win a prize. The prize shall include a $1,000 gift card. Also by completing or taking part in CVS Survey you will help the company owners to know more about how their customers feel towards their products and services if they need any sort of improvements.

7 thoughts on “Participate in CVS Survey to earn $1,000 gift card

  1. Shopping at cvs is the best experience there is out there for retail and there pharmacy staff are wonderful. Thank for cvs unlike walgreens.

  2. Yo compré en cvs y salió esta encuesta de el “supuesto premio”
    Llene la encuesta porque los trabajadores de ese cvs lo merecen, les dije que me divertía con los extra pero lean me bien, no soy una tonta que cree en cuentos de hadas, se que cada extra que me dan es porque ya ustedes le ganaron el triple conmigo, también se que no existe tan maravilloso premio y les voy a decir algo, lo más seguro y es un hecho es que pronto no vuelva a pisar una de sus tiendas, porque para saber como lo tratan en la tienda sólo hay que pedir de favor llenar la encuesta. Cualquier persona Lo hace con gusto, no necesitan mentir ni intentar comprar nos. Así mismo Cómo hable de esa tienda en otro cvs fui chantajeado Hasta por el manager del distrito, fui discriminada y todo por gustó, me trataron muy mal una de las técnicas y la muchacha que trabajaba con ella y fueron miles de veces.
    Me decepcionará la corporativa de cvs, es increíble como compran el sentimiento de las personas, me avergüenzan.
    Ilen castro
    305 *** 068*
    No dejo el número para que me llamen, simplemente para que identifiqueno quien soy

  3. The pharmacy staff see you waiting there to pick up meds.and act like you don’t exist and you will get a call saying your meds.are ready for pick up you go to get them and they not ready or only some is ready

    1. I purchase my meds from CVS in New Haven Indiana. The Pharmacist Jeff, reprimanded me for not dropping it off sooner. They close at 6pm on Saturdays. He said you need to come at least 1 hour before you need it. This is the first time I came, on Saturday night at 5;30PM. The bad part was being REPRIMANDED IN FRONT OF LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE A CHILD. I also ask that they use Good RX on this one. They did not. They wanted to get home!

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