How to book your Directgov Practical Driving Test?    

If you book your Directgov Practical Driving Test then it means that you are registering for your driving test through the Driving Standards Agency’s test on their web based platform.

This is the most convenient method to book your driving test simply by visiting their online platform and furthermore booking your practical driving test through Directgov is affordable and you will only have to pay the fee for your practical test without any additional charges.

Directgov Practical

Basics on the Directgov

The Directgov operates in the close vicinity of other administration departments and is an online digital based service that brings details on the government departments to the general public on a centralized platform.

They use easily understandable language and all of the information can be accessed online and the mobile access is also an easy approach for the public if they wish to access all government related details and services.

Requirements to book your Directgov Practical Driving Test

  1. You of course first need a device such as a mobile phone, computer, PC or laptop with a safe internet connection enabled on it
  2. You should have an identification number from the Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving license.
  3. You must give the details of your debit or your credit card for paying the fee.
  4. You must pass the theoretical test on the assigned date and have the certificate ID in front of you.

Step By Step Guide to book your Directgov Practical Driving Test

  1. The first task is to access this website to open the Directgov practical driving test online
  2. Once you have read all the details on the page tap on the link for “Start booking” to proceed.
  3. Select your test type and the relevant category and then tap on “Next”.
  4. Select all the pre requisites you need to take the test by typing the details asked and click on the button for “Next” to proceed.
  5. Finish the sign in information and tap on “Next”.
  6. Then keep obeying all the shown prompts and complete the booking details for your driving test.

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