What is DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty Program?

DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty program is a loyalty program used to reward customers with gifts. This is a great way to keep DIRECTV connected with customers, especially long term subscription customers. One is to express DIRECTV appreciation, the other is to get customer’s feedback and learn what they are doing well and what they can do better. DIRECTV rebate is always there, you can redeem your rebates online.

DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty Program Guide

DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty program is designed to reward DIRECTV customers and users. Your feedback and comments are entertained by company and would have chance to be rewarded with great gifts and offers.

You will be asked to login your DIRECTV account at www.directv.com/thanks to share your ideas about your experiences with DIRECTV. If you do not have an account yet, register it online. Remember add or update your email address to receive email alerts for DIRECTV promotion, discount and special offers. If you love watching TV and movies with DIRECTV, you may also be interested in DIRECTV PPV live event view.

To give your feedback and take part in the DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty program, you need take several steps:

Click “Continue” button at the DIRECTV Thanks Loyalty program site.

Enter your name and password and click “Sign In”.

Further follow the instructions and give your feedback.

You must have a residential DIRECTV service account established to create an online account. If you recently signed up for DIRECTV service but are waiting for your initial installation, you can still create an online account and take advantage of account management features.


Based in El Segundo, California, DIRECTV is a famous brand in America for providing direct broadcast satellite services. Launched on June 17, 1994, its satellite service transmits digital satellite television and audio to households all around in U.S., Latin America, and the Anglophone Caribbean.

Share your feedback with DIRECTV at www.directv.com/thanks.

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