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Are you also someone who has recently been notified with any notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles because your automobile needs to be renewed with another registration? If you indeed are then visit the official website of California DMV Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Service and complete the online process or do it via mail.

California Department

The Vehicle Registration Renewal in California

If you have a vehicle registered in the state of California, you will be given a renewal document from the California Department of Motor Vehicles in post which will ask you to renew your registration of your car before the expiration date passes.

You can renew this by visiting this website, or complete the process by visiting their office or sending a post.

Requirements for Renewing Vehicle Registration with California Department of Motor Vehicles

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  1. You must be aware of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your car or your Hull Identification Number (HIN) for any boat or any other vessel.
  2. You must know your Smog certification which must be registered with a DMV.
  3. You must own a renewal notice delivered to your residential address and if you have your address changed then you must visit the Change of Address system to change your current address.
  4. You should also own a copy of your insurance letter of your vehicle
  5. To renew your vehicle registration online you should have valid banking details such as a credit card number.

Renew Vehicle Registration Online with California Department of Motor Vehicles

  1. Access the official page for by visiting this link
  2. Tap on the button for “Go To Step 1”, give all the required credentials regarding your car or boat or your vessel.
  3. Give confirmation of all your records and make the online payment and you will not be charged any additional fee for this online renewal.
  4. You will then get a confirmation for your online payment and will be sent your ticket with business days over post.

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