Try Merrick Bank Double Your Line to get better credit limit

Do you have a credit card that no longer gives you benefits?

Merrick Bank Double Your Line is a credit card that offers a unique feature of doubling your credit limit if you pay on time for 7 months. The starting credit limit ranges from $550 to $1,350, and after 7 months of on-time payments, your credit limit will double to between $1,100 to $2,700.

To get this credit card, you can apply for it on the Merrick Bank website. However, it’s worth noting that while this card can be a good option for rebuilding credit, it comes with annual fees, set-up fees, and a high APR, so it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits before applying.

Additionally, if you already have the Merrick Bank Double Your Line card and want to increase your credit limit, you can do so by adding more money to the security deposit by sending a check or money order to the Merrick Bank Credit Department.

The bank has come up with such services that let you re-use your old and worn out card. Not only this, but along with that, the bank provides you with a lot of other facilities as well.

Half of your mess gets cleaned up, as soon as you get an official email from the company that asks you to give your application for the visa card.

Moreover, you will get your hands on the classic credit card if you fill the application form and send it back to

However, for that, you need to ensure that you pay your bills at the right time. If you do this, your application will get approved in the smallest period of time and you won’t have to wait long for that.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Cards offer

Have you gotten a mail from Merrick Bank offering a Pre-approved credit card? Typically, this letter will offer you a definite approval on the Secured Visa Credit Card. According to this letter you are required to go online and enter your application certificate number at

This article tends to explain the Merrick Bank Double Your Line Credit Cards offer. How it works? What are its benefits? How to apply for it? But, prior to explain all of this, I would like to give a quick view of credit cards and their benefits, why should one have these.

I know it sounds absurd for tech-savvy people to be told what credit cards are, but one should keep in mind that there are, still, some people who do not know about a lot of technological advancements. There is no shame in that because there is always a first time for everything.

How to give a response to Merrick Bank Offer Mail?

There are essential two procedures that you can adopt in order to place a response to Merrick Bank offer mail:

  • By visiting this web link and submitting a response here
  • Finish the acceptance form and then send it to Merrick Bank via mail.

Procedure 1: Submit the response at

In order to submit the response directly at these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Access this web link
  2. Here you must type in the Acceptance Certificate Number, Your Last Name as it is printed on the offer letter and your functional email ID.
  3. Then the button in green which says “Apply” tap on it
  4. You are good to go!

Procedure 2: Submit the response by finishing the Acceptance Form

If you have not gotten any offer mail from Merrick Bank then you have to adopt this procedure below:

  1. Access this website of Merrick Bank using his link
  2. You will be required to complete an acceptance form here by entering your first name, middle name (if applicable), last name, address, birth date, number for social security.
  3. You also need to tell if you have shifted in the past month
  4. In the end state your working email ID
  5. Then tap on the bar that reads “See if I match”.

What are credit cards?

In the most simplistic terms, a small plastic card that enables you to shop without carrying hard cash is called a credit card. It is a card with a specific number that is linked with an account .

The card user is given a line of credit by the concerned authorities who issue a card, usually it’s the bank.

It works by creating a revolving account by the bank. the user can use the credit line provided by the bank on the condition that the user will the amount in the specific period of time because he/she is purchasing goods on credit, in other words the bank trusts the user to pay the amount otherwise they have to face the repercussions.

When someone uses the credit card to purchase something the issuer behind the scene pays on behalf of the user. In case the user fails to payback in a specific period of time then the user becomes liable to pay some interest on the amount.

People might confuse it with a charge card but they are different. A charge card is charged before usage and has a to be charged fully each month while on the other hand a credit card allows you to shop keeping in mind that the interest has to be paid.

It also different from the charge card in the sense that in a charge card only two parties are involved but the credit card has a third party involved in the process who pays on behalf of the user.

Types of Credit Cards

  • SECURED CREDIT CARD – With a secured credit card you deposit a certain amount of money into your savings account and get a line of credit for the same amount. This way, if you do not make your payments, the credit card company can keep the money in your account. With this credit card, you can build credit history.

Be sure the credit card company plans to report your account to the credit bureau, so you begin creating a credit history. If you make timely payments in full over a certain period, typically one year, the credit card issuer might offer you an unsecured credit card, or other types of credit you might need.

  • UNSECURED CREDIT CARD – This is the most common type of credit card. You can borrow up to a certain limit if you pay at least your minimum balance every month. To get a credit card, most credit card companies review your credit history and income. An unsecured credit card can be a convenient tool if you manage it carefully and make your payments on time and paid in full.
  • Retail Cards are used at a particular store or gas station. Be aware that these cards often charge higher interest rates than a standard credit card.

Advantages of Credit Cards

  • It’s convenient to use in a wide variety of places – in stores, on the phone or online.
  • You can better manage your budget using your monthly statement with the details of all of your purchases.
  • It is safer than carrying a lot of cash.
  • You are not responsible for charges if your card is stolen as long as you report it immediately.
  • You can build your credit history.
  • You can earn prizes like frequent flyer miles, rebates or points.
  • Often, you need a credit card to make car, hotel, airplane or other reservations.
  • When you can’t afford to pay off your charges! The benefits are real and can be helpful as long as you remember your spending limits.

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa Credit Card – What will help you the most?

Your payments that you make at the right time will help you get your required visa card soonest possible. One thing that they will check is your payment of the bills of the last seven to eight months. If they observe that you have been regular on your payments, they will surely give you the credit card in a small period. This will help you in having a higher level of the credit limit on your new credit card.

Double Your Line – The Perks You Will Enjoy

The process is really simple, and you need to reply to the offer of the card provided by After doing that, the certificate number of the customer is needed to be entered.

The best thing about this whole process is that it is quite efficient and won’t take much of your time. When you receive this new card of yours, you will be able to enjoy a lot of other facilities as well, such as the fraud liability as well as access to the account with the help of your mobile. You will also be given access to your account through the internet.

Benefits of Applying at Merrick Bank

The mission of Merrick bank is to create positive changes in the lives and lifestyles of its customers. Solution based products and services are offered by the bank which proves quite advantageous for its customers. In addition to this other benefits are described below:

  • Fully evaluated solution-based services are presented by Merrick Bank.
  • Make it possible for the customers to increase their economic constancy.
  • Respect towards the customer and partner is of extreme importance.
  • Encourages its customers by giving them certain rewards for the successful management of their credit
  • Community service is of extreme importance for the bank.
  • A positive work environment of the bank enables the workers to give their full input.

Other Programs at Merrick Bank

When it comes to the betterment of community Merrick Bank never thinks twice. That is why it invests in the community many ways such as:

  • Donates aptly to program such as Junior Achievement.
  • Donates to Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund and First Step House
  • Donated $120,000 to various non-profit organizations in 2015
  • The bank has included a Financial Education Center on its website to educate consumers about credit, banking, and other related topics.
  • In 2015, over 40,000 consumers visited its Financial Education Center.

Merrick Bank Online Invitation

People are invited by Merrick bank through an online invitation to avail its Double Your Line offer. The invitation contains the following information:

  • No Yearly Fee
  • Totally free setting up of your account
  • No fee for exceeding your limit
  • Credit Line of $1000 is accepted
  • No Over Limit Fee
  • Double Your Line to $2000

This offer comes with other benefits as well which you will see when you’ll receive your invitation from Merrick bank.
There are two ways to respond to the invitation letter:

  • By visiting
  • Fill the pre-selected acceptance certificate and mail it to the concerned authorities

How did Merrick Bank get my address?

According to our analysis the process by which Merrick bank send its invitation to different people is, of course, by mailing them directly. It purchases a list of customers’ names and then just send its invitations to each and everyone present on that list.

Merrick Credit Cards working

Reestablishing credit is something that Merrick bank has made very easy with Merrick bank’s secured credit cards. As I have already talked about the types of credit cards earlier in the article here I won’t be delving deep into it.

The secured credit card will analyze your performance and send it to the credit bureau. In case of making payments on time your report will definitely be positive otherwise it will affect your image in front of the authorities and in turn you won’t get different benefits of the card.

As mentioned above you are required to submit a deposit to be issued a secured credit card. This deposit will help you in case you fail to pay on time; it is refundable and insured by FDIC.

  • FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

Came into being as a result of the Banking Act of 1933, FDIC is a US government-based corporation which gives you credit insurance to credit holders. Its purpose was the restoration of the trust of people in banking system of the US, during the Great Depression. Before it came to the forefront more than one-third of the US’s banks completely failed. In the beginning the insurance limit was $2,500 per category of ownership. But since 2011 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act it has been increased up to US $250,000 per category of ownership

As far as funding is concerned FDIC is funded by the insurance dues of the member banks and not by the public funds. FDIC only provides insurance for the banks not to any other entity. As of the recent reports 5,844 institutions have been provided insurance by the FDIC. Supervision of certain financial institutions also comes under the duties of FDIC. Their safety, performance, management all comes under FDIC’s duties.

Double Your Line Offer (DYL)

Merrick Bank Awards Double Your Line Visa Credit Card to its customers who want to rebuild or establish their credit. This offer doubles the credit line of Credit Card holder. To apply for DYL card, you must receive an invite from Merrick Bank.

You can only receive this invitation if you continue to pay on time. If you pay on time for first seven months of your credit card, then the bank will review your account for an increase in the credit line.

If you are successful in making your payments and the bank has considered you for doubling your credit line, then, you will receive a notice on your billing statement with your new credit limit mentioned in the statement. The credit line will be increased from $550 to $1100.

Application Procedure for DYL

If you have received a DYL Credit Card offer from Merrick Bank, you will have to visit DYL website at, to complete an online process for acceptance certificate. On the website, you will see a caption in blue highlight ‘Acceptance Certificate Verification.’

Fill in the Acceptance Certificate Number mentioned on your Acceptance Certificate and also the Last Name as written in the offer letter. After filling in the required information, click ‘Next>>’ written on the blue button.

Afterward, your personal data like name, address, email, etc. will be asked and you have to fill in the form correctly to complete your Acceptance Certificate Verification. After verification of your provided information, you will receive a confirmation email about your verification.

Additional Benefits of DYL

In addition to getting your credit line doubled, you can also enjoy various other advantages:

  • You will be provided your monthly FICO score free of cost with paperless billing statements. Enrollment for paperless statements can be done by logging into Cardholder Center and click on ‘Go Paperless’.
  • 0% fraud liability and fraud protection.
  • DYL cards have competitive rates while average percentage rates (APR) are according to the market.
  • You will have a free online and mobile account through which you can make payments and keep a record of your transactions easily.
  • Customer service of Merrick Bank can be accessed on their toll-free number 24/7.

Charges of Double Your Line Visa Credit Card

The annual fee for Double Your Line Visa Credit Card is $48 and $75. The fee is charged only once when setting up an account. An additional fee of $12 per new card is deducted from the credit line. Merrick Bank charges $35 as late payment fee if you are unable to pay the dues on time.

Double Your Line Application

To apply for Double Your line, a Visa Card offered by Merrick bank, is easy. You will receive an invitation from the bank which will enable you to apply for its Visa Credit card. You will be required to pay on time to receive this invitation eventually.

Credit line is prescribed to those who pay on time. You will be notified trough a notice if you have been marked for a credit line increase. To get this increase all you are supposed to be doing is making the minimum payment before the due date during the initial seven months of the opening of your account. A notice will be sent to inform you in case you get selected for the credit line increase.

Double Your Line Visa Card

A competitive rate. The Double Your Line Visa Credit Card from Merrick Bank is an Unsecured credit card. The APR for purchases is 16.45% to 29.70%, 21.45% to 34.70% for cash advances. The annual fee is $0 to $72 the first year and $0 to $6 per month thereafter. The account set-up fee is a one-time fee of $0 to $75.

Merrick Bank Pre-Approved Acceptance Certificate

After receiving a DYL the recipient is required to complete the quick and easy acceptance certificate at .Here you will be required to enter the acceptance certificate number written o your form for verification.

Then you will enter your name (last) clicking next will take you to the next page where certain instructions will be required of you, fill them. Then you have to enter your personal information for example your name, email, address etc. making payments on time is of extreme importance so make sure that you don’t forget that.

Paying back on time is necessary so it should be given importance because eventually it creates a good image of you and you end up receiving different offers which are beneficial for you. Also payment on time saves you from the interest ie., paying more money than you owe. You can get your acceptance certificate of Double Your line Visa Credit card from

About Merrick Bank

Insured by FDIC and a member of Better business, one of the top 20 issuers of Visa cards, Merrick bank founded in South Jordan in 1997. Merrick is a legal issuer of Master Cards along with it; it is also a finance option provider to Horse Trailer Dealers, RV, and Marine. More than 2,400,000 card users are being served by the bank.

Till this time, more than $2.5 billion has been loaned by Merrick bank. Merrick bank is known for their famous credit program which helps the people who are struggling to create or recreate a credit history.

Being one of the top 20 credit card issuers is not piece of cake; Merrick bank works hard to maintain this image. The standards and values it has set for itself are not something inscribed on its wall only they are followed with precision by it.

Honesty in interactions and dealings with the customers, courage in fulfilling its endeavors along with maintenance of its integrity all combine together to make Merrick bank one of the most homes and top issuers of credit cards. There are no hidden agendas behind the veneer here. Transparency in its dealing is Merrick bank’s forte. It works all the time to fulfill its task of making its customers satisfied.

Merrick Bank Contact Number

In case you face some problems for which no online solution would suffice you can always contact Merrick bank. They are always ready to help their customers and satisfy their queries. Their toll-free number is 1-800-204-5936.


Conclusively, the article has provided you with the information regarding what credit cards are and how they work along with their advantages. In addition to this the article talked about Merrick Bank and its formation, benefits of applying, different types of credit cards especially the Double Your Line Visa cards and how to get these cards.

Make sure that you payback the credit on time. I hope all the confusions regarding credit cards and the most in vogue credit card Double Your Line Visa card have been cleared.

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