How to save fuel through Fuel Rewards Program

Try imagining buying something and saving money simultaneously. Especially while you spend money on brands and save on necessities. This all can be possible through Fuel Rewards Program.

Fuel Rewards Program Instructions Guide

Create an account and get an Fuel Rewards Network card. Then link your credit cards or other rewards cards linked to your account.

Start earning rewards by spending money on products or services of FRN partners. Save at the pump by redeeming your rewards.

Join the Fuel Rewards Program by visiting

You need to enter required information and select from “I have a card”, “I need a card” and “I will pick one up”.

If you need a card, confirm your mailing address and will receive the FRN Card within 5-7 business days. Get your card linked to your Fuel Rewards account, If you already have a card.

If you already have an account and a card linked to your account, you can start begin earning rewards through this Fuel Rewards Program.

Earn rewards through online shopping mall at nearly on your favorite 700 leading brands and avail amazing deals and offers. Earn 5¢/gal for every $50 you spend.

You can also enroll in the Dining program. Then, you earn 10¢/gal in Fuel Rewards Program savings for every $50 you spend on dining through the FRN automatically.

The members can make purchases of convenience store products that are specially-marked and you can also redeem rewards on your car washes and auto services.

You can redeem your rewards by inserting your FRN Card at participating partners reward card.

So, plan a visit to participating fuel stations and watch the significant price drop on your desired products and services.

About Fuel Rewards Network

As this a free loyalty program, the Fuel Rewards Network enables you to save money on fuel. You can redeem your rewards at participating locations and watch the significant price drop on your desired products and services.

So, you can earn Fuel Rewards savings daily on Fuel Rewards Network through this Fuel Rewards Network.

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