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Happy Star Reviews – – is a platform that brings a chance to all the customers to share their feedback regarding Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. Carl Jr and Hardees are sponsoring Happy Star Reviews to help them carry out this survey. This goes without saying, Happy Star has a certain PR value which is going to help both these companies to get their surveys done. Customer satisfaction is something that all the companies look forward to, because in order to flourish every company has to keep eagles’ eye over the satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of their customers. What makes this survey intriguing is the fact, it brings a chance to win a gift card of $500 that can be used either at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr.

Survey Happy Star Reviews Prize

Enter the survey online just by a simple go at the following link: which will give the customers an entry into a sweepstakes where they have a chance to win $500 that can either be used Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr.

Survey Happy Star Reviews Rules

  • This survey only entertains the people of US with an age of 18 above.
  • Make sure that you have internet access.
  • From each family, only member can participate in the survey at one time.
  • During the drawing of the prize card, person winning the prize must receive by him/herself.
  • Prize for this can neither be transferrable nor can it be exchanged with money or else be carried away with any other offer.
  • Winners of the prize will be given a duration of 2 weeks to claim the prize.
  • Make sure that gift card can be only used at the official outlets of either Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr located in US.

Ways of Entering the Survey

The survey can be entered online at the following link:

If you want to reach us without making the purchase via email, all you need to do is send us an email at “’’ stating Happy Star Reviews Sweepstakes Entry.

How to Enter the Survey

Filling out the survey is pretty much easy and convenient, you just need to follow the following things and you are good to go. The steps to fill out the survey are as follows:

  • Go to login in to the page for filling out the survey.
  • Customers shall mention their date of birth and then click at the next button, which moves them to the next page.
  • On your screen, you will see an option to select between the two restaurants, Hardees or Carl’s Jr. Select between the two or else just click on the option of “didn’t visit the above”
  • Mention the 7-digit store number from your official receipt located in the top right hand corner.
  • Select the state, city, address and store id.
  • Make sure that you indicate the exact time and date of your visit, as several options will appear in front of you. Select one from them.
  • Indicate the exact transaction you made that will be mentioned on your receipt.
  • Select the type of visit i.e. how did you enjoy your meal? Via dine in, take away or drive through. Along with that enter your home zip code.
  • Make sure that you answer to all the questions properly regarding the satisfaction and dissatisfaction level you had.
  • Give out your authentic information regarding name, Email address, phone number etc.
  • In the end make sure that you have submitted the survey.

Happy Star Reviews

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71 thoughts on “Participate in Happy Star Reviews survey to win $500

    1. I had a bad experience today at Hardee I wanted 2for 4.i ask for the cup for the drink he no drink come with this order cool.what that in the was the real deal menu.He said in nasty way you didn’t order that I said I know that. I only ask a question.and said want your money back. I said dam give my money back. I will never eat at this Hardee’s again and I will tell all my co- worker.hye had a nasty need cleaning.especially the table.

  1. I bought food from Carl’s Jr in Bell ca. I bought 2 ckn club’s and more food but the ckn club’s were so bad this time I always eat ckn club that is why I know how they should be well they were dry and the ckn was so hard you could barely bite it so bad I just wanted to let you know and if possible would be so happy if you would be able to refund my money for the club’s or coupon for more was really not happy this time. I do have my receipt if you wish. Thank you! My # if you wish to contact me 562-644-3386

  2. I stoped for lunch on my way to work bought the 5 pcs chicken tenders meal for the 2nd time it was burned. And unhappy with the way the staff looks there clothes are 2 times to big sloppy looking and if that’s not enough big food hand prints on the back side of the pants nasty you touch the food then your bottom not sanitary to me. Want be going back there anytime soon. Have pics of the the food as well. This is in knox tn

  3. We visited the Hardies in Bowling Green Ky. We had the 1/2 Bac 3Way.
    It was delicious.The service is always was clean, smelled clean as well. A new employee help take our order, she needed help. The employee that helped her was patient and friendly with her.Would recommed this location to anyone.

  4. Does Hardee’s employees understand the meaning of freshly cooked off grill????
    Again I stopped by Hardee’s and ordered my food freshly cooked and again fries double cheese and chicken wrap COLD, COLD and stale…..however the wonderful associate was trying to persuade me that everything was freshly cooked. My cheese didn’t even melt…!!!
    I think this will be my last visit to this store

  5. Went to hardies in statesville and the food was awful and the drive thru took so like 20 mins for u to get our food they are slow

  6. I will never go back to Hardee’s in Wilson,NC on Foresthill they had horrible service through the drive thru I waited at the speaker forever while listening to them talk after hearing me sigh the guy Aaron finally said “can I have your order” no please or anything the lady at the window was just as nasty she said absolutely nothing when open the door I just gave her a $10 since I knew my total was $7 something she had a nasty attitude when and when I asked her for a honey mustard she was rolling her eyes I have never experienced such terrible service I ordered a big bag lunch with ham and cheese and a double cheese burger with 2 strawberry lemonadeso I specifically asked for fresh hot fries and hot sandwiches and you guessed everything was cold my cheese won’t even melted on my double and it’s was dried up looking the hot ham and cheese was just as bad my ham was HARD like old or stale and the cheese wasnt melted I’m done with that Hardee’s someone need to do something about that I’m very upset and again it’s the Hardee’s in Wilson NC on Foresthill store # 1218- 1501983 phone number 252 293 7809 I went in today 9/17/16 at 4:47

  7. This Hardee’s of Harbor Pointe – 1502551, Midlothian Va has been very disappointing the last two times. The first time it took at least 15 minutes to get our food. We can understand this will happen occasionally but two times in a row. On 9/22/2016 @ 2:34 I went through the drive in and no cars were in front of me. I had to wait 10 minutes to be waited on. After placing my order I pulled up to the service window then I sat and waited 15 minutes before I got my order. It took 25 minutes and this is not acceptable. I complained to the server and she could care less and no apology was given. This will be my last trip to this Hardee’s

  8. i just ate at hardees ordered a chocolate shake the glass was half full it was 299 and the bacon cheese burger was ice cold and over cooked i cant believe you treat people that way i have drove by this place for twoyears and after this visit it will most probably will much longer

  9. I went to the Hardee’s on Four mile Fork in Fredericksburg and I can promise you I will NEVER eat at another Hardee’s again. My bf and I decided to dine in, and it was honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had. It took us 10 mins to order because the cashier kept trying to tell us what to order to save money, like if my bf wants to spend an extra 2 buck on onion rings then leave him alone! He got a lecture about how expensive it is to just get one side. Then she gave us a number and we sat down, 10 mins go by and it seems like there’s food in the window, and the lady that ordered after us already got her food. So I walk up and ask if it’s ready and she says yes, at that moment she just dropped the onion rings and fries so that was another few mins we had to wait. Then I asked about our burgers cuz they’ve been up there so long and she says they’re hot. Lies!!! It was cold! My boyfriend found a hair in food. And to top it all off the cashier gave me an attitude. The store is empty, and they’res five people on staff so I don’t know what the heck took so long! Highly aggravated and will never eat here again!

  10. I have stopped at Lake Pan Hardee’s twice this week for to go order and both times orders were incorrect Just throwing money away. Well you have got the last of mine. ridiculous

  11. I am a regular customer at the Hardee’s located at the Fairfield Shopping Center in Virginia Beach Va. I enjoy the tea and the little thick burgers. Ms Caroline, Ms. Jackie, Robert and the rest of the crew are always friendly ..I’ve been going to that location for 11 years…They treat you like family., they make you feef like you are at home……just try one of their biscuits. They will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your questions asked…they’ll make it right…

  12. I just ate at Hardee’s in White Pine, TN. The food was what I expected, not bad. I was shocked however to find out that there was NO restroom for my wife! She WILL not use a public restroom used by MALES! Your commercials are over the limit, but pushing the transgender restroom in my face is the last straw. We will NOT patronize your establishment if your standards are that low. We have not been to Burger King since the California based restaurant sold the Pride burger. Guess you don’t need my business or that of any of my friends and family as we assuredly will advise them of this issue. (BTW your 1/3 lb burger was as good as any and I will miss them in the future.)

  13. Our group of friends meet every Friday night for supper at different locations around town. We go to Hardee’s often because they are seldom full and we can move tables & all be seated together. Very rarely does everyone get their order correctly. Seems employees just have an “I don’t care” attitude!

  14. I stop this morning at the Rapid City, SD Hardees. The service was excellent however the food was horrible I had the Steak Biscuit and it tasted very bad. You should considered taking this item off your menu. You used have an excellent steak biscuit . What happen????

  15. Food was cold a hamburger combo ,toasted chicken sandwich and onion rings. How can three different orders be cold? You must like repeat business!

  16. I ordered a dbl calif chbgr the bread was twisted soft the lettuce were old and it was sloppy the service was pretty bad. This was at Carl.s Jr in Fontana Ca. Very bad experience.

  17. Just ate at Hardee’s got the new steak burrito it tasted good but it wasn’t big as the one on the picture no I probably won’t be buying it again unless I buy 3 of them just to get the one on the picture oh well they got me again.

  18. I visited the Hardee’s on Blair’s Ferry Road this morning at 8:31:45 AM. I had a coupon for Biscuit and Gravy and I ordered a Sr. coffee as well. When I checked my receipt, there was no discount for the Biscuit and Gravy. When I stopped to enjoy my breakfast, I could find no fork to eat the meal with.

  19. Your store in Crestview, Fla. sucks. It took 10 minutes to get a chili dog and when I went to see down all the tables were nasty. After looking around the whole store was nasty. Will I eat there again not a chance.

  20. I haven’t been back to the location on Bradley ave in Champaign, IL for several months, after I watched the guy mop the overflowing water from the restroom to dinning area, then roll that yellow mop bucket right in the kitchen/food prep area and start making my burger without even changing is glove or washing his hands.

  21. i took my family to the drive thur at Hardee’s in Buffalo payed 22 dollars and couldnt even eat it! my burger was smashed and soggie couldnt eat it . My husband was also soggie with to much chesse he also couldnt not eat it the box it can had so much bloodie juice from the burger. After waiting almost 10 minutes we thought we would have frest food and it was all cold… we will nto eat there again!

  22. Huntsville Alabama star Hardee’s at Five Points… Went through drive-thru for a late lunch about 3 o’clock. Took my meal down the road about 3 minutes and ate my fries and then ate my burger which had to be at least 20 to 30 minutes old. Was not going to go back tracking and take it back because I was already behind for the day but just thought the proper people would like to know that it’s pretty much a bunch of thugs running that place. I know good help is hard to find Andy Hardy’s at Five Points in Huntsville it’s a prime example of that.

  23. Stopped by Hardees in Asheville NC for lunch yesterday. Went thru the drive thru, ordered hot ham and cheese, mushroom and swiss burger, and two sweet teas. Food was not what I ordered and what I received was not eatable. I had already driven home before I checked the order so I would not hold up the drive thru. My last stop there for a quick lunch.

  24. I’ve been eating all natural burgers since they been out and the one I ate an hour ago I had to call to ask who made it just to say thanks ,his name is Richard the manager said and believe me I’m a critic about food .Thank You order number 310460

  25. It’s a really disappointed visit first the cashier charge me for something that I don’t order and then the manager have a really bad attitude I will never come back to the place

  26. Great!!! Cashier’s were friendly and courteous!!! Service was fast!! We waited about 5 mins (dining room) food was really fresh and fries were hot!!! Burgers just came off the grill as they were still dripping juice as i bit into burger!!! Excellent!!😋

  27. I stopped for breakfast at Hardee’s in Elizabethton tn got biscuits and gravy biscuits so hard couldn’t cut them service was slow someone needs to check-in on this

  28. It Was awful the manager her name Was missy gave me my change then went back and touched our food with out gloves. And they took like 40 minutes on our food and they still got it wrong. I Was ver y disapointed with the service.

  29. I just left Hardee’s Warrenton n.c….for the firt time i had a bad experience….i pulled to the drive thru told the person @ the window i had a coupon for the big chicken sandwich (which stated buy 1 @ regular price get 1 free)….get to the window the girl said $ 4.90 i gave her my $$$ without thinking i pulled off….looked n my bag i only had 1 chicken sandwich….so i immediately turned back around…parked,went back inside told the cashier my order wasn’t right….she said i was supposed to have told the girl when i was @ the drive thru about my coupon…which that’s exactly what i did….then she said i was supposed to have told the girl when i got to the window…now which 1 is it…..when i explained to them that i stated @ the drive thru about my coupon…they replied oh she didn’t hear u bc she doesn’t have on a headset… now that i had made my purchase already it was too late…wasn’t anything they could do…which was a lie….she definitely was wearing a headset…how could she take my order then….what make it so bad she stood by the window never would define herself but instead her co-workers did….but keep the sandwich…word to the wise ppl r always paying for other ppl mistakes!!!

  30. I bought a big bag deal at Hardee’s of Madisonville,tn. When I got home I eat the first coney dog it was ok, the second on was hard as a rock you couldn’t even bit into it. I’ve been going to Hardee’s for years. First time I ever had something like this happen. You have one of the best burgers in town. I thought I’d write about this trip. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way my dog would not even eat the hot dog.

  31. I really like the food at this Hardee’s, and the folks working there are friendly. However, the restaurant itself was not clean, either inside or outside. Further, the drink machine wasn’t working, and so I was only offered diet coke or coke from behind the counter. On top of that, neither of the bathrooms were in operation. It’s a shame, because I drove 14 miles just to go to this restaurant. There were folks there washing the windows, and that’s a plus, but the tables weren’t clean, and there was trash on the ground outside of the front door. I liked the counter girl though. She was very nice.

  32. worst food ever…. milkshake was watery and no whip cream… burger was cold.. chicken sandwich was cold… buns mashed flat… fries was cold and was to be extra crispy and wasn’t… only got one fry with two combos… ticket said water didn’t get water… worst experience ever

  33. My experience was great. Told cahier that I didn’t mean to be a thorn in her side. I ordered two steaks for three. Thought I made double order. Added cheese and egg. When I was told it was fifteen and change…told them to keep it. She was so polite and courteous. I changed order several times…had certain amount on debit card. We finally got my order correct. THANKS HARDEES!!!

  34. I have went to both Hardees restaurants in Lacrosse, Wi and I am very disappointed in the one on the Northside. I have been to that one twice and the food is luke warm and that was during busy hrs too!! I give props to the south side of Lacrosse. The food was fresh and good. Thank you

  35. I go to the Hardee’s on high street in ports. Va. they had one person at register and the same at drive in window. my food was late com[ng. The food was hot and good but it took to long.

  36. store #1504285 seville ohio store was clean my food was good Beer cheese bacon burger and fries combo although my husband claimed his fish sandwich was not that great should have went to arbys……..they really need to work on their rate of service for fast food and not that many people even there took like forever …….and a request for a purse hook on the bathroom stall doors would be very appreciated thanks

  37. Very nice, are order promptly taken, when served the food, was hot. The people are always friendly. This Hardee’s is always clean, when we visit..

  38. I tried to enter the review for Carls Jr for a chance for a $1000 drawing and I filled out all of the information required but I only have one phone, which is my cell phone and because I didn’t enter two separate phone numbers it wouldn’t let me finish,it just kept taking me back and saying” you must enter a valid phone number” which is what I did so thanks for nothing, in case you didn’t know a lot of people don’t have a land line phone.I was very unhappy.

  39. My experience at Hardees was unsatisfactory. The hotdogs were not tasty. Cheese fries were cold,, tough, and there was VERY little cheese on the fries. (cheese was unmelted). I have no desire to patronize Hardees anymore.

  40. Hardee’s/Re d Burrito 1501843
    701 S Cumberland Lebanon,Tn.

    I weekly get 2 biscuit N gravy.
    Today it was served in a different container(just a bowel w biscuit wrap separate)
    I like the old way much better. Gravy& Biscuit in Styrofoam container.

  41. I’ve stopped at the new Hardees in Port Richey FL several times. I’ve had the sausage egg and cheese as well as the smoked sausage for breakfast. On the way home a love the big bag hot ham and cheese once with fries and other times onion rings. Waited a long time for them to open and have not been disappointed.. Food is always hot and well cooked. The workers are always clean and friendly. Even had to wait a couple minutes for my onion rings no big deal they were hot and fresh. I told my boss about the food there and now she’s become a regular customer.

  42. Stopped at Hardies in Grand Rapids, MN. Dale, the server, was very professional and helpful. Very impressive… the kind of server that could be a model for the industry. The food was great, also.

  43. I went to carls jr in riverside on magnolia and Elizabeth i get the new hawaiian burger the burger was so delicius fresh and hot the Store so clean and the service really nice the shift leader the name perla esa so friendly and always have good attitude with us for sure se are back

  44. I just left the Hardees in Valdosta, GA. The casher was very friendly the food was great and I enjoyed my meal.

    Thank you

  45. I ordered a green burrito in phoenix, az. at 24th st and Thomas. When it came I was told to be careful because it was hot. NOT> It was luck warm at best. I ordered it with ground beef. I am sure there was some in there but all I could find was specks of meat. And this cost me $7.05. Never again

  46. I stopped at the Lacrosse Wisconsin south side Hardies on Monday night. I ordered the 2 for 1 chicken sandwiches to go. I drove 15 minutes to my home and the sandwich was still hot when I ate it. and delicious. The service was friendly and the place was clean. I meet there with my girlfriend for lunch once a month and our stay is always a little longer with our visiting. They are always very pleasant and the service is great . I recommend this Hardies to everyone. Thanks for a great Experience..

  47. Went to the hardee’s in Grinnell, IA. Worst place I’ve ever been to, the floors were so greasey you slid all over….I will never go to another hardee’s

  48. I wanted to fill out guest survey on the back of my receipt. I went to address listed: But then I get a warning that the site isn’t secure & someone’s trying to fool me & steal info I send & to close the site immediately! Called Carl’s 800#. , they don’t know what’s up. Just wanted a free drink.

  49. OMG. Just ordered 2 Monster TB burgers, 2 fries, 2 apple pies. Honestly the minute my husband walked through the door, I knew something wasn’t right. The burgers smelled rotten… no other way to say it. the fries were stale cold, and had been for a while. the pies..ok, we spent $21.58, but I can guarantee that will be the last time I go to Hardee’s. I was going to fill out the survey, but that was a joke. I have never had such a bad experience with fast food before. OMG
    This was the Hardee’s on Hwy #78 in Stone Mountain, Ga. 30087, and the date is 10/9/18.

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