The Hilton Discounted Room Rates!

Hilton hotel chain was established back in the year 1919 and has expanded into one of the leading hospitality chains that have above 500 branches all across the planet so without a doubt this is a famous hotel chain that everyone must have heard of at least once in their lives. If you are fortunate enough to be an employee of Hilton then you can avail the benefits of their Team Member Rate and Hilton Team Member Travel Program which can be availed by every full time or part time team members of Hilton.

In addition to the team members this program can also be enjoyed by their family members and they will also be given the Hilton Discounted Room Rates to make their holidays not a perfect one but an affordable one as well. The Hilton Discounted Room Rates offer can be enjoyed anywhere in the world where Holton branch is present. If you use the Hilton Team Member Travel Booking site you will be able to find all of the available discounted room rates that you can easily book.

Requirements to Enjoy the Hilton Discounted Room Rates for the Team Member and the Family Travel Program

  • In order to avail the Discounted Room Rates you have to be a permanently accepted team member of Hilton and in addition to this remember that the discounted room rates offer can only be availed for leisure trips and this perk is not valid on any business trip.
  • To be able to avail the Hilton Family Travel Program Rates, all of the team members and their respective families can be included in this program and you all must carry your valid Hilton Family Travel Passport which you should show while checking in at the counter.

How to Book Hilton Discounted Room Rates for the Hilton Team Members?

Follow these steps to avail your Discounted Room Rates on your next family holiday:

  1. Visit the following website to access the official page for the Hilton Team Member Travel Booking site.
  2. Now go through all the instructions thoroughly and tap on “BEGIN HERE”.
  3. Give confirmation for your location of work by filling valid details in the given fields.
  4. Then begin your search for all the hotels which you can book according to the destination you plan on going to.
  5. Select your hotel and complete your booking.
  6. Complete the reservation by entering all the required details.

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