How to receive perks of the Hilton Employee Travel Program

A well-renowned hospitality company, Hilton, is based in the US. The company holds different hotels and restaurants worldwide ranging from Homewood suit to Embassy suit. The Hilton program named as Hilton Team Member Travel Program (TMTP) is a reward program for the employees of Hilton to pay off for their hard work.

The employees can book any room in the Hilton hotels at discounted prices by the use of this program. Up till now, there are a total of 152,000 employees worldwide and all of them can avail this offer program no matter what is their status and whether they are part of the company in past or are serving in the present. Even if you are either part-time worker at Hilton or full-time employee, you can book any of the thousands of hotel’s room around the world for you and your family at great discounts.

Purpose of Hilton Employee Travel Program:

Hilton is world’s leading hotel which has been offering discounts to make its employees realize that they have got a reward for their hard work. The purpose of introducing this program is basically to motivate the employee body to give better performance. In doing so, each of the employees works hard and pitch in all of its efforts.

Perks of Hilton Team Member Travel Program:

There are many other benefits of your career with Hilton as an offer cannot get any better where you are provided with an opportunity to visit any of the world’s country and stay there at the extremely discount rate. You need to fulfill the following requirements to be a part of it and enjoy all of these perks:

  1. To sign up and all the process, you must have a computer with an internet access.
  2. The most important part of all is that you must be the employee of Hilton because this program is not valid for any outsiders. You can be either full-time job seeker or part-time employee working with Hilton and living in either of United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada or Bahamas, etc.
  3. The program is supposed to be used only for leisure travels.

How to Avail These Perks?

  1. Visit the link to Hilton team member travel program website and you can register for this program. For this purpose, visit and click on “Begin here”.
  2. You will be asked to enter all the information related to your work position and employment formalities.
  3. A complete list of all the available hotels and their locations around the world will be present. Against each of the location, there will be dates, and you are supposed to choose the date and location feasible for you.
  4. Even complete details of different rooms are available, and you can easily compare and then choose the best one for you.
  5. Personal information should be entered, and you can reserve the room by adding billing information.
  6. Signed travel passport is necessary, and you can get it from HR department located at your workplace.

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