How to get Home Depot Protection Plans?

Home Depot Protection Plans is designed by Home Depot and you can register your account to ensure faster and easier service.

Home Depot Protection Plans offer a wide range of benefits to the users who buy an item from the stores  over large period of times. 

Benefits of Home Depot Protection Plans

  • One of the best thing about Home Depot Protection Plan is they provide online support 24/7 and also cover the cost of some arts and labor. 
  • If the customers don’t fully utilize the plan, the Home Depot sometimes also partially repays them or transfers their coverage to the new owner if they sell their plan approved appliance. 
  • These protection plans are different from the warranties. the warranties are issued by the company that made the appliance. 
  • They provide extended protection plans which offer 100% coverage on functional parts and labor, offering peace of mind and eliminating the hassle of finding service technicians.

Ways to Register Your Home Depot Protection Plans

This is the  best way to register your new plan which ensures faster and easier service and provides a lot of benefits. Once you get registered, you will be able to manage your products, file claims for repair or replacement and get help online.

You will need some information from your receipt, so make sure to keep it and get it ready before the registration. You can have the registration done through the phone call at 1-800-HOMEDEPOT or you can follow these steps:

Let’s say you choose to register a product without social media and begin by creating an account, you will be asked to enter your personal information including Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Zip Code and so on. Click “Submit”.

Then you will enter into a new page to further complete your personal information and set password. Check the relevant box if you would like to receive special offers from Home Depot.

Get the second checkbox checked to indicate that you’ve read the terms and then click to continue.

At the new page, some information from your receipt is needed: Receipt Type, Receipt Number, State of Purchase, Product Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Plan Number and Purchase Price. Enter them and then click “Continue”.

Visit and click the time division accordingly based on when you purchased your product.

Then you will be brought into a registration page where you can choose to register with a Google or Face book account or just create a Home Depot account to start the registration.

Afterwards, follow the instructions to identify your Home Depot product and complete the registration.

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