How to access the Hyundai Sales Training Login Account?

A sale training in general regardless of the business is an integral part of any company these days. It is essentially the most effective and applicable source of making one’s employees well equipped with all the necessary skills required for sales and for gaining a competitive edge in the business market.

According to the current sales scenario in the market, the competition and the product strategies must be well inculcated into the training part to success.

In this competitive world of business the Hyundai is offering the Hyundai Sales Training that can be accessed through the Hyundai Sales Training Login Account where all the required resources for training will be made available to all employees.

Guide to access the Hyundai Sales Training Login Account

·          If you are some who has not received a Star login for Hyundai Sales Training Login Account or program then you must complete the enrollment first.

Tap on the button for “enroll” present at the upper side of the home page and select the events for training and communication which you wish to get enrolled in, this would include carious workshops, dealership events and Hyundai Live service. Then you need to get your profile activated.

·         If you are someone who already has a Star login for Hyundai Sales Training Login Account or program then you must have generated a login profile for a specific certification period and you can easily continue to access and avail the services of your existing login.

All you need to do is sign in with your email address or your user ID and the password.  “Forget your e-mail address” and “forget your password” are links which will help you in case you forget your credentials.

·         If you have are someone who is registered in changed or modified Hyundai dealerships, you must sign in and tap on the User Profile present on the left side of the menu so that you can get your dealership renewed and get a new dealer code.

You can access further details at

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