Participate in BonTon Survey to earn redeemable code

Participate in BonTon Survey at to unlock a validation code to get your hands on a redeemable code by sharing your opinion about their products and services.

Where do you find everything from clothes and jewelry to home accessories and beauty products? The very first thing that springs to mind upon reading this question is a department store. Department stores have changed the way people shop; everything you could ever think of under one roof make shopping easier and quicker than ever before. And if you live in the United States, then one department store you might have had the chance of visiting is Bon-Ton. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, Bon-Ton has over 267 stores in 26 states, and provides its customers with the best shopping experience they can ever have at a department store. The reason for their success so far is that they don’t take their customers for granted and value their opinions. So, share your opinions at and help them make their stores even better.

How to participate in Bon-Ton Survey

To fill out the Bon-Ton Survey, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your browser and visit the following URL: This will direct you to the Bon-Ton Survey page.
  2. Read the welcome message and click “Next”.
  3. Enter the location of the store you visited by selecting your State, City and Location/Store Name.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Enter your Transaction ID, the date of the transaction, the Associate ID, and Discount ID (if applicable).
  6. Select whether, based on your last visit, you would shop at the store again or recommend the store to your family and friends.
  7. Next, answer a few questions regarding the products and services of Bon-Ton.
  8. If you have anything you would like to say regarding a specific Associate, enter your comments in the Additional Comments section.
  9. Submit the survey.

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