How to apply for the Kohl’s Charge Account?  

Kohl’s Charge Account is the only account that handles the loyalty program online and is created by the Kohl’s Corporation for all their clients. If you register for Kohl’s Charge Account you will be given a wide variety of perks and benefits that only registered users can enjoy, you will also be given a discount worth 15% which you can use on your next purchase and also other discounts will also be given which you can avail 12 times per annum. You will also be given added discounts worth 15%- to 30 %-off on all types of priced merchandise.

Becoming a Kohl’s Charge member has a lot of benefits you can make payments online for all your shopping from This online process is quite simple and your submitted application will get processed in no less than a minute and moreover if you spend an amount of $600 with your Kohl’s Charge Account each year you can enjoy added benefits and become their valued client in an instant.

Requirements to apply for the Kohl’s Charge Account

  • You must have a computer or any other device that should be connected to a safe internet access in your vicinity
  • You must give some personal credentials to complete registering for the Kohl’s Charge Account

Step By Step Guide to apply for the Kohl’s Charge Account

  1. Open up the official website of Kohl’s Corporation from this web link
  2. Then tap on the button which tells “My Kohl’s Charge”
  3. On the page that pops open find and tap on “Apply now!”
  4. Then click on “Apply Now!” one more time and press “Continue”
  5. Now on the registration page give your full name, residential address, contact number, your social security number, birth date, your income yearly, email ID and other details.
  6. Place the tick mark in front of the box of agreement with terms and conditions.
  7. Tap on the button for “Continue”, and generate a secure password for your account.
  8. Now click on the button for “Submit” to finish the registration process
  9. You can read the details of this membership by opening up this link

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