How to pay your LA eCourt Online traffic tickets

The LA eCourt website makes it easy to pay your ticket quickly, instead of going to a government office and sending a check through the mail. The LA superior court system at provides online services to the people under its influence, which also allows residents to easily pay for their traffic tickets online by simply entering their payment information. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of a traffic ticket, and so LA superior court has made them much easier to handle.

Los Angeles Superior Court

The largest, single-trial court in the US, the Los Angeles court has many other courthouses, thousands of employees, and processes over two million traffic tickets each year. The LA eCourt contains all sorts of resources and services for the legal needs of the people of Los Angeles county.

How can we pay traffic ticket at LA eCourt?

You will need to prepare the following before you begin:

  • A device with web access.
  • The reference number, which is located on your traffic ticket.
  • Visit the Los Angeles superior court website;
  • Click ‘Pay Traffic Tickets’.
  • Read and tick to accept the user agreement.
  • Afterwards, select the court where your ticket is assigned and the law enforcement agency that issued your ticket
  • Enter your reference number, from your birth date and your ticket, to view your ticket information.
  • Then, using the service you can easily pay your ticket.


If you really want to pay your traffic tickets online in LA, you can go to Los Angeles superior court site at, and can select to use LA eCourt Online. It provides you with real convenience so you do not have to face any kind of problems with the manual procedures.

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