Participate in LongHorn Steakhouse Survey to win $1000 cash prize

Participate in LongHorn Steakhouse Survey on to get a chance to win Grand Prize of worth $1,000 or $50 cash prize by voicing your concerns and suggestions through Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes program.

LongHorn Steakhouse

Eating the best kind of food available at any place in the world is something that the foodies love! However, having the delicious food at any part of the world is not a difficult task anymore. The reason behind this is the fact that best food franchises all over the world have their outlets at many places in the world. No matter you are a fan of regular meals or something special, you would be able to have them instantly through the places that serve them best. If you are a steak lover, you must have heard of this amazing place known as LongHorn Steakhouse and a new service that it has come up for the benefit of its own self along with the benefit of the customers through LongHorn Steakhouse Survey.

LongHorn Steakhouse Store

The steakhouse is a place from where you can get your hands on the best kind of steak you can ever get your hands on. The number of flavors available over there is unbelievable. Along with that, the level of services that is provided by the company is something that people love about. Another thing which leads to people going to this place, again and again, is the environment over there. The environment is really comforting and helps you in eating your favorite food no matter you are there alone or with your friends or family members.

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Participate in LongHorn Steakhouse Survey to win some free food

LongHorn Steakhouse Survey

Now, the company has come up with something even better. Every company looks forward to improving it even further and in order to improve itself, the company has come up with something really exciting known as LongHorn Steakhouse Survey. This survey is basically about the services and the food that you got when you visited the place last time and about the food that was served there. However, you need to ensure that you fill up the survey form no later than the seven days of visiting the place as the receipt number needs to be added into it in order to start the survey. After getting done with it, you will be able to get your hands on a prize ranging from fifty dollars to the thousand dollars cash.

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