The LowestFare Travel Plan Service

LowestFare Travel Plan Service offers all their customers nothing less than the awesome discount deals on hotel booking, flight schedules, car rentals and everything else that is needed to plan a perfect dream holiday. The website comprises of an advanced search feature which you can use to find the cheapest flight tickets according to your destination and the most affordable of hotels where you can plan your stay. With this service you can save almost 70% off cruises and you can even register for the weekly notifications of LowestFare to stay updated on the latest offers at

LowestFare Travel

Instructions for using the LowestFare Travel Plan Service

With LowestFare Travel Planning you will get the best travel options, details on the cheapest flights, car services, holidays, cruises and their customer support is the best to say the least. You will not only have the best trip but will end up saving your hard earned money as well.

  • You will have the ability to use all the credit cards, including American Express, Discover/Novus, MasterCard, and Visa. Debit cards that are sponsored with the Visa or MasterCard icon to make all of your payments.
  • You can buy a room for anyone given that you have reached the age of 21 and the person on behalf of whom you are making the reservation should also be at least 21 years in age and must present all credentials during the time of check in. You can tap on the icon “Vacations” at the home page and enter all the asked details and you are good to go!
  • The rental car price will include all the taxes, charges and the fee for your transaction so that no payment comes as a surprise to you later on.

LowestFare Travel Planning Service will not ask for any added taxes, fee, payment or chargers however the supplier of the car rental may ask for these when you book your rented car on your arrival to the destination.

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