The only client platform of McD – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

We welcome you to the online McDVoice survey. This is a complete platform designed specially for you if you want your opinion to be considered. We hope you find the survey easy. However, the purpose of this survey is to receive honest answers and opinions so we can help McDonald’s improve their services in the best possible way they can.

Without a doubt, people generally remained confused and baffled when it comes to the food market because every player in this food industry more or less offers the same menu at their eateries.

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Of course, big food brand names like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Hardee’s, Johnny Rockets, and Howdy etc are in constant competition with each other even though they are offering one common meal “the traditional classic burger, fries and shakes”. They have online surveys that provide you extra benefits.

Now with so many similar options available in the market he decision of eating out becomes a liability rather than enjoyment.

Hence the main question that disturbs us all is that what fast food chain to opt for when one decides to eat out and the main crux of this confusion is that it is difficult to recognize the uniqueness that each of these chains have to offer.

Now people who are simply obsessed with burgers would wish to whip out their magic wand and get all of the meals from all these chains at their table.

But of course this is next to impossible and when it comes a single chain such as McDonald’s to choose from then making a selection from between the Big Mac, McChicken Sandwich, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Beef Cheese Burger or the Sundae becomes a hassle as well so in this case a central platform with ratings for each of these is imperative.

You will come across people who are simply crazy for fast food and this craziness is not just for the taste but quality and consistency as well.

Burger lovers in fact all fast food lovers can never settle for less quality and this is the reason they rush towards the bug names each time they decide to eat out.

This goes for all the fast food businesses as well that when any customer chooses to eat their burger then they are there for the one and only “satisfying bite” so the quality and consistency of the products must never be compromised.

Since the competition is so tough and above the par that all big fast food industry names are eager on maintaining their quality and consistency along with a high standard of services and to earn customer loyalty they must offer value for every penny that each client spends. 

Since McDonald’s has maintained the top position in the fast food world then lets stick to McDonald’s in this written piece.

McDonald was established back in last century in the year 1940 and now is the largest food chain all across the globe. The fast food chain is now operating in almost countries and has an average customer of more than 68 million.

Service Management Group has given certification to the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and as the name suggests this is the platform exclusively designed to gather valuable opinions of all the customers of McDonald’s regarding their taste, quality and customer services.

This survey is available at which is essentially the official platform for all McDonald’s Surveys and these surveys have a huge impact on company’s future business forecasts.

If you have been a customer of McDonald’s and always eat there then it your duty as a loyal customer to complete their online McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey by following these step by step guidelines mentioned below:

  1. The first step is to open the official web page for the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey at
  2. Your first task is to choose the language you wish to take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey in according to your comfort.
  3. The next page would require the details on your date of last visit to McDonald’s, time of transaction, the total amount you spent there, KS ID number and the store ID.
  4. After this you will qualify for answering all the questions regarding the satisfaction of your visit at McDonald’s according to how you found everything at their restaurant.
  5. When you have finished answering all the presented questions you will be shown a validation code on the screen
  6. Note down this validation code somewhere safe and use it to redeem a special offer when you visit McDonald’s next time.
  7. Remember that you can avail this offer within 30 days of filling the survey or else the offer will get expired.

The McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Since the customer pool of McDonald’s is so huge it becomes essential to offer various forms of surveys and another such platform offered by McDonald’s is McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey which you can complete according to the kind of experience you had at the restaurant once again at the same common link of McDVoice.  

The first step for fulfilment of the McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is that you need to get a device such as your laptop, computer, PC or even a mobile phone that should have a reliable internet connection enabled on it.

Now from this device you must open the official McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey page form the web browser by using this web address

This web address will direct you to the official home page of the McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey where you have to make a selection for the language of your choice that you are most comfortable in for taking this survey meaning you must have command over the language.

After the language selection has been done, you will be required by the company to tell the exact date and time when you last time had a meal at McDonald’s, the total amount of bill you paid there, the KS number and the store ID.

If you cannot remember any of this then you should keep your purchase receipt in front of you while completing the McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Once all the information has been entered on the page then you will be taken to the official questionnaire of the McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey where all the questions asking for your satisfaction with McDonald’s will be presented to you and you must answer according to the kind of visit you had there.

When you have reached the end of the questionnaire you will be gifted in form of a special validation code that will pop up on your screen. Now your task is to safely and accurately copy down this code on your purchase slip.

This is that code which if you present at your next visit to McDonald’s will earn you a special offer. However this offer is only valid for a month after that it will expire hence you must avail this in the stipulated time.

The McDonald’s Survey

Just like every other professional food chain, McDonald’s also follows the highest of standards for all their customers that is by valuing the opinions and feedback of all their customers at a central platform for which they have designed the McDonald’s Survey online.

Now who doesn’t like McDonald’s or who has not tried McDonald’s at least once in their lifetime? It is hard to believe that the answer to any of these questions will be a “No”. 

It is time that you return the favor and perform your duty as a customer by answering all the questions in the McDonald’s Survey.

This is a process that will only require a few minutes of your valuable time and here is how you can complete the McDonald’s Survey after which you will even be rewarded with a special validation code.

Hold on a second folks, before you go on completing the McDonald’s Survey there are a certain set of things that you need to prepare. The first one would be that you must get your device ready such as your laptop, desktop, PC, tablet or your mobile phone by connecting it with a stable internet connection.

Secondly, you need to keep your invoice receipt from your last visit at McDonald’s in front of you so that you enter the details form it before filling the McDonald’s Survey. Now these are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Your first task is to access the official web based page of McDonald’s Survey at this web address
  2. Then once the page is directed from your set web browser you need to choose the appropriate language to take the McDonald’s Survey in. The language that you have sufficient command over.
  3. After this you need to give the following credentials all of which will be written on your invoice receipt that we asked you to keep safe:
  4. date of last visit to McDonald’s,
  5. time of transaction,
  6. the total amount you spent there,
  7. KS ID number
  8. the store ID
  9. Once all these credentials have been entered accurately you will be directed to the McDonald’s Survey questionnaire section where you must answer every question according to the kind of visit you experienced at McDonald’s. Do not forget to be honest.
  10. When every question in this section has been answered you will be thanked for your time in form of a validation code which will appear on your display screen.
  11. Write down this code on the same purchase slip that you used for information for the McDonald’s Survey and take it with you when you decide to eat at McDonald’s next time.
  12. However, this next time must be within 30 days of filling the McDonald’s Survey otherwise your earned validation code will expire.

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