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If you are looking for an online brokerage unit that will let you invest in between $0-$250,000, look no more! In these crucial times, people are always looking at different opportunities for investment.

A quality life is only possible when you have got a stable and simple financial life. You can simplify your financial life with the helpful investment insights of Merrill Lynch Edge.

All you need is to access Merrill Lynch Edge Login at www.merrilledge.com and you are a step closer to enjoying multiple rewards and benefits.

Merrill Lynch

History of Merrill Lynch Edge

Merrill Lynch Edge was launched on June 21, 2010, all of its packages are designed as the result of extensive Merrill Lynch research.

This unit has its own well-researched investment tools. Merrill Lynch Edge acknowledges the hectic routine of their investors for they offer call centers counsel.

If you want an expert’s opinion regarding your investments all you have to do is call their counsel centers and help will be given to you.

Merrill Lynch Edge is a platform for well-educated clients who intend to invest between $100,000 and $250,000. Merrill Lynch deals with the clients who want to invest more than $ 250,000.

Merrill Lynch Edge Login

Merrill Lynch Edge is available online, on your web, on your cell phone-everywhere. It gives you an option to transfer your funds between your Merrill Lynch Edge and Bank of America accounts.

All you’ve to do is go to www.merrilledge.com and:

  1. Enter Username.
  2. Enter Password.

If you forget your password, it allows you to generate a new one. Moreover, if you are new to this unit and want to facilitate yourself with the ample rewards and benefits, you need to enroll yourself.

Enter your account number, social security number, email address, and other personal information, and you will have your account.

Merrill Lynch

Money can buy happiness, no matter how much you’d like to believe otherwise. So, if you are saving for college or retiring soon Merrill Lynch Edge is the safest option.

It gives you a full range of investment options to choose from according to your need. Plus, with their research and investment tools, you can make your dream come true.

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