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There is a big competition among sprint T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Customers of the telecom companies have started moving towards sprint in order to get their services at half prices. Now, T-mobile and MetroPCS are offering the same package to their customers which are 50% off for those who are not using sprint anymore in addition they are also offering smart phones to such customers.

Candidates who are interested in switching sprint should port their number to MetroPCS. Interested users just have to go to MetroPCS store and get transfer over MetroPCS easily by saving their cash as well. Moreover, users will get 2GB of 4G LTE data for two lines just for $50/monthly and get unlimited talk and text once 2GB limit gets exceed user will throttle to 2GB and this is started from Thursday, January 21st.

This offer is like a lifeline for the people who are feeling disappointed using Sprint. This network will never make them remorseful for using Metro as this is the bigger and the fastest network in half of the cost and it is based on big crowd source test. Moreover, LTE Smartphone is also provided to the users for free.


If we talk about the free advance mobile phone, MetroPCS is putting forward the LG Leon LTE, Kyocera Hydro WAVE, Samsung Core Prime and the LG K7. It’s very important to ring a bell to everybody that it is a moment to refund on the off chance to those users switch more than maybe a couple lines. However, if the users are exchanging more than two lines, it will be a $50 mail-in refund. This may take up to 6 weeks to recover user’s cash back and still it is not the a good pronouncement for the advanced mobile phone. MetroPCS additionally has a huge amount of other advanced phones accessible in the store that you can look over, in the case if you don’t like any of these “free” ones.

With MetroPCS, you additionally get their Data Maximize, which improves information over their set of a connected system so the user can easily extend that data plan accordingly. And additionally, Unlimited Music which permits you to stream music from a range of resource, without hitting your information top.

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